Tiny Alien Maker Gets Kids Creating Space Creatures

Kids drag and drop alien body parts to create their own extraterrestrial creature

We love apps that can extend a child’s playtime offline. Some of our favorites over the years are Foldify and Gomma Dress Up. Today we have a new addition to the list: Tiny Alien Maker. Developed by Tiny Twiga Studios, it’s a lovely app that lets kids piece together extraterrestrial creatures to use in coloring pages and birthday cards.

Blast Off to Space

Kids start by selecting any of the four included templates: alien, rocket, alien pet, and spaceship. They will then be taken to the workspace where they can piece together their creature.

On the left side of the screen are buttons for choosing heads, arms, legs, facial features, and spaceship parts. Each body part comes in a variety of colors and shapes. The facial features cover various emotions including happy, sad, and angry.

Kids simply choose the one they want from the drawer on the bottom, then drag it onto the template. Once they have assembled their creature, they can save it to the Space Gallery by tapping on the checkmark on the top of the screen.

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Parents Need to Know

To print your child’s creations, first access the Space Gallery menu from the main screen. Select the alien or space scene you want, and tap on the export button. You can choose to save the creation as full color art, coloring pages, birthday cards, and birthday invitations.

Afterwards, simply find the exported image in your camera roll to print via AirPrint. You can also opt to email it to a computer that’s connected to a printer, and print from there.

Tiny Alien Maker does not have ads or in-app purchases. All external links are placed in a protected section for parents.

Choose from four templates and a wide selection of body parts

Things I Like

Tiny Alien Maker is a nice little app that encourages creativity. As kids assemble their alien, they also learn about emotions by observing its facial features. Parents can encourage kids to tell stories by asking them questions, like what kinds of food aliens eat or what they do in their spare time.

A wonderful thing about the app is how it connects digital play with real world activities. For example, kids can assemble various aliens to their liking, then print them out to color later. This makes the app more engaging, and hopefully extend its shelf life.

Design-wise, the app is simple and suitable for young kids. The interface is intuitive with large buttons for easy navigation, so they should be able to use the app with little supervision.

Some things I’d like to see added are more templates or space scenes. It would also be nice if there were a free-play mode where kids can build custom aliens without having to follow specific templates.

Kids can export their creations as coloring pages, birthday cards, and invitations


Tiny Alien Maker is a simple app that lets kids create their own alien buddies. There is much to explore with four templates and a variety of body parts to choose from. Kids can export their creations into camera roll as full color art, coloring pages, and birthday cards for additional offline activities. Suitable for kids aged 3-6 years.

Tiny Alien Maker is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.