Help Teens to Accept Themselves with Who? What? Pablo! Storybook

Pablo is a 23-year-old young man who is still searching for his identity.

Many teenagers tend to have a problem accepting themselves for who they are. We have reviewed a couple of storybooks that bring this issue forward: Monkeys in My Head and Extraordinary Jenny Jones. Both of them try to encourage teens to accept and love themselves.

My app pick for today is a relatively new storybook in this category, called Who? What? Pablo! It revolves around Pablo, a little man with a heart full of adventure and a closet full of costumes and disguises, who constantly asks himself who he wants to become every day.

A Different Costume Everyday

One day, Pablo looks into the mirror and wonder what he would be that day. As he stares and thinks, he remembers the different costumes he wore previously.

Listening to the excellent theme song, we learn that Pablo is a 23-year-old man. But physically, he’s just three-feet tall. Maybe that’s why he is not content and constantly on the lookout for different roles to play every single day.

The book goes on to show various costumes Pablo has worn previously, such as a pizza costume and a hot dog costume. He has also disguised himself as a Star Wars nerd and a gentleman dandy. Sometimes, he even goes to the extremes and becomes a basketball, a book, a donut, and a potato.

Yet, the question remains. As he stands in front of the mirror, he asks himself, who he wants to be that day.

Find the + button and interact with the storybook.

Parents Need to Know

Who? What? Pablo! is suitable for kids ages ten and up. Early teenage years are commonly associated with lack of self-esteem and the social pressure of trying to fit in. Maybe that’s why Pablo goes on to wear a muscular outfit and a centaur costume as he tries to fit in different communities.

The book spans 25 pages and is fully illustrated. You can tap the sound icon throughout the book to listen to the narration. Who? What? Pablo! is available in English, Spanish, and Korean. You can switch the language at anytime by tapping on the language button on top of each page.

The book features a great theme song and excellent contextual background noises.

Things I Like

Who? What? Pablo! features an excellent theme song by Bob Schneider. I often left my iPad on just to listen to the song. The app includes two additional songs for the Rock Star scene and the Centaur in the Forest scene. For the scenes that don’t have any background music, you can hear background noises that are contextual to the story. My favorite background noises can be heard in the scene where Pablo tries to become a ninja.

You can drag your fingers to the left/right to “look around” the scene. If you find a plus button, you can change the appearance (style and color) of Pablo and other characters/objects in the scene. For example, in one of the scenes, you can change Pablo’s costume from Zorro to a viking or a baker.

Who? What? Pablo! is filled with great graphic sketches throughout its 25 pages.


Who? What? Pablo! is a great app to help early teenagers who may have a problem of self-acceptance. Its quirky illustrations and great music fit kids within this age range perfectly. They will learn a lot from Pablo’s story, especially from how the story ends.

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App was provided for our honest review.