Curious George's Latest Storybook Helps Kids Understand the Concept of a Surprise Birthday Party

iRead With storybooks include prompts to help parents start a discussion with their kids.

My boys are fans of the iRead With Curios George storybooks. In the past three months, I have reviewed Curious George and the Firefighters and Curious George Goes Camping storybooks. iRead With apps have a prompting system to trigger conversations, encouraging parents to accompany their kids when they read.

The newest storybook in this series is Curious George and the Birthday Surprise. As you might have guessed, it follows George and the man with the yellow hat as they plan a birthday surprise.

Curious George and the Birthday Surprise

One special morning, George is having a breakfast with his friend, the man with the yellow hat. He tells George to be a good monkey and take care of the house while he gets something outside.

Soon afterwards, George hears an ice cream truck stopping near his house. He looks from the windows and sees a long line of adults and kids who bring their dogs to enjoy the ice cream. Excited by what he sees, George forgets that he needs to behave and take good care of the house.

He finds that there are a lot of party props around his living room. After playing around with the balloons, noise makers, and other props, he decides to decorate the living room with them. He enjoys it so much that he totally forgets about what his friend told him.

Finally, George stops his activities when he smells something nice from the kitchen. He finds a nice chocolate cake on the countertop. Then, he has this idea to decorate the cake by frosting it himself. He recalls a bit about how to create a frost, and how it involves a bowl and a mixer. Unfortunately, he fails to use the mixer as he wants to. It causes a great mess in the kitchen.

What is George going to do to clean up the mess? How will his friend react when he comes home and finds out about the living room?

The storyline teaches kids that they should not forget what their parents said even when they get excited about something else.

Parents Need to Know

iRead With storybooks include a section called Living Words where parents and kids can record their own voices saying a few special words. The words included in this section are contextual to the story and suitable for early readers ages four and up.

iRead With storybooks also include excellent section filled with reading tips for parents. If you haven’t been very successful in getting your kids to read along with you, you might want to check out these excellent tips.

Curious George and the Birthday Surprise is available in English, French, and Spanish.

You should explore all the possible solutions your kids may come up with to solve the problems in the story.

Things I Like

iRead With storybooks encourage us to read the story repeatedly. Each time you complete a reading, you level up and unlock new characters and props for the Theater mini play. Leveling up also lets you play with new unlocked discussion prompts.

Personally, I find the storyline easy to relate to. Coincidentally, we are planning a party for my youngest son’s birthday next week. We know he loves surprises. And now, the storyline has intrigued us to prepare a surprise party for him.

iRead With books include contextual words that parents and kids can record using their own voices.


Curious George and the Birthday Surprise is an interactive storybook that is easy to relate to. Reading the story, kids ages four and up will learn to remember what their parents tell them and to behave when left alone. If your junior’s birthday is coming soon, this is also good way to introduce the concept of a surprise birthday party before you throw one for her.

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