Explore the Human Body in This is my body - Anatomy for kids

Kids can peel layer by layer off the character to explore the subsystems of the human body

At three years old, kids start developing a curiosity about the human body. Parents and teachers should take advantage of this moment to teach kids about their bodies and how to take care of them. There are resources to help you with this, one of which is This is my body - Anatomy for kids.

Developed by urbn; pockets, it’s an interactive app that introduces kids to the basics of the human anatomy: growing, skin, senses, digestive system, respiratory system, circular system, muscular system, nervous system, and skeleton.

An Incredible Machine

Kids start by selecting one of seven multiracial characters. A child narrator guides them throughout the app, voicing instructions and reading the information aloud.

On the edges of the screen, kids will see two blue ribbons. Pulling down the ribbon at the top will peel back the layers of their characters down to the skeleton, allowing kids to explore each subsystem of the human body.

The digestive system, for example, lets kids see what happens to the food they eat. They can also use a stethoscope to listen to the character’s heartbeat as part of the circular system, and see how a pinprick is transferred by the nervous system.

They second tab on the right side grants access to a special section that provides in-depth information for each subsystem. From here on, kids can listen to fascinating facts about the human body, play with interactive cartoon models, and answer mini quizzes.

There is also a "Little Smarty-Pants" area for older kids, which go into more details about a certain part of the segment. Unlike the rest of the app, this area is not narrated and encourage independent reading.

Additionally, the app includes a number of collectible stars. Kids must complete a specific task, such as piecing bones together to form the skeleton, to earn each star. Once all the stars are collected, they will earn a personalized certificate which can be saved to Camera Roll.

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Parents Need to Know

Parents should note that as kids peel back the layers of their characters, they will be able to learn about the skin. This chapter shows the characters in their underwear from the waist down. However, the app also includes a setting to allow these characters to be seen fully undressed.

The app also mentions how babies came to be: from an egg cell fertilized by a sperm. But, it doesn’t talk about reproduction any further.

This is my body - Anatomy for kids is available in several languages, including French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. The English version uses British English. The app doesn’t contain ads or in-app purchases.

Kids can play with interactive models, such as this one where they must piece together the skeleton

Things I Like

This is my body - Anatomy for kids presents a wide range of comprehensive materials about basic anatomy. I like that information are explained in a kid-friendly but matter-of-fact way, and I can see how the app could be useful for a wide range of ages.

I enjoy how the app includes enough interactions for added appeal, but not too much to distract from actual learning. I also appreciate the multiracial character selection; inclusion and diversity are nice things to have.

A downside of the app is that navigation is not as intuitive as I’d like, and as such I recommend parental assistance. I also think the app could use more polish overall as there were several instances of cut-off text.

Audio guide allows pre-readers to enjoy the app as well


This is my body - Anatomy for kids is an interactive educational app full of fascinating facts presented in a kid-friendly way. As kids explore each subsystem in the human body, they can engage ini mini activities and complete quick quizzes. Cartoon illustrations and a child narrator make the app accessible to pre-readers, while comprehensive materials allow older kids to pick up new knowledge. Overall, it’s a suitable app for kids ages 6–10.

This is my body - Anatomy for Kids is available for iPad
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