Help Teens to Resolve Family Issues with What's Up with My Family? Graphic Novel

No family is perfect. Everyone has their own family issues.

My boys are still too young for me to understand the difficulties of parenting a teenager, but I can sense what it would be like based on my own teenage years. Most teenagers have plenty of problems already with their study, friends, and understanding their own selves. That’s why they can become very emotional when they have to face tricky family issues that they can’t resolve on their own.

That’s why Annie Fox, a parenting expert and teen adviser, wrote this story called: What’s Up with My Family? With the help of Matt Kindt’s illustration, they brought the story to a graphic novel for the iPad. They believe the format is friendly, even for the hard-to-reach and reluctant teens.

No Family Member is Perfect

The book is divided into eight chapters that star various characters. The stories show how everyone has their own family issues — no family member is “perfect”.

Mateo has problems with his family prying into his private matters. Jen doesn’t like her father’s rules and restrictions for dating. And Jack seems to have an ongoing disputes with his sister.

All these issues can lead to bigger troubles if they’re not resolved in a good and timely manner. As shown in the storyline, teenagers often feel confused and frustrated. A good communication involving the entire family is key to resolving these issues.

For example, when Abby confronts her mother about how she dislikes being under-appreciated for her looks, her mother apologizes and promises to treat her better. Another example shows how Chris finally learns to get along with stepfather after realizing that he cares for his younger stepbrother. Readers will also learn how stressed Michelle has been for not knowing who her father was, and how discussing it with her mother clarifies many of her assumptions.

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Parents Need to Know

What’s Up with My Family? is the latest app in the Middle School Confidential graphic novel series. The first two apps are called Be Confident in Who You Are and Real Friends vs. the Other Kind. These graphic novels are designed for kids ages 8-14.

I have read the first and the third installment in the series. These books include thought-provoking stories designed to help teens, parents, teachers, and counselors resolve these issues. They are suitable for both family and classroom usage.

At the end of each chapter, teenagers can try interactive quizzes and personality surveys to be more prepared when such family issues occur in their lives.

Things I Like

All Middle School Confidential books support two reading modes: full-page mode and frame-by-frame reading mode. To activate the latter mode, you need to double tap on any frame. The app will focus on that frame and let you swipe to read the story frame-by-frame. It helps you avoid skim-reading and be immersed in the story. The frame-by-frame reading mode also has richer sound effects designed for an immersive reading experience.

What’s Up with My Family? includes eight interactive quizzes at the end of each chapter. Some of them are multiple choices and true/false types of questions with clear, correct answers. There are also a couple of personality surveys where teenagers can learn more about their personality traits and how they can behave better when facing a family issue.

The book is designed in a graphic novel format which appeals to hard-to-reach and reluctant readers.


Middle School Confidential 3: What’s Up with My Family? is a great graphic novels for young teenagers who may need help in resolving their family issues. The book features six different thought-provoking stories that are easy to relate to. With interactive quizzes and personality surveys at the end of each chapter, the book can serve as a great discussion tool for parents, teachers and counselors.

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