Kids Learn to Take Care of Pets in Dr. Panda & Toto’s Treehouse

Kids take care of an adorable turtle in Toto’s Treehouse

It is only recently that we were introduced to TribePlay, but they’ve quickly joined the ranks of our favorite developers. Their recent app, Hoopa City, was such a hit in our households that we dedicated hours into making this Hoopa City building combination guide.

Today, we’re excited to announce their newest app: Dr. Panda & Toto’s Treehouse. Set in a lush treehouse, it’s a stress-free game where kids get to take care of an adorable turtle named Toto.

Taking Care of Toto

The app begins with a short animation of Dr. Panda placing a spotted egg inside a treehouse. Kids are to tap on it until it cracks, revealing a baby turtle with a sunny disposition. He is Toto, who will be in your kids’ care from now on.

Taking care of Toto means feeding him when he’s hungry, playing with him, giving him baths, and tucking him to bed when he’s tired. Toto can’t speak, but he will let your kids know what he wants via his thought bubbles.

Like a real house, Toto’s treehouse has many rooms with their specific functions and activities. For example, the bedroom is where Toto sleeps and has his dance parties. Additionally, there’s also an outdoor court where Toto can play on the swing, a dining room where he eats, and a pool where he takes baths.

Kids can explore any room as they like, and tap on various objects in it to interact with them. They can also bring up additional toys for Toto by tapping on the paw print on the bottom of the screen.

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Parents Need to Know

Toto’s Treehouse is a simple pet simulation game suitable for kids ages 3-8. It is language-neutral, containing neither narration nor text. There is no wrong way to play in the app, but kids do need to consider Toto’s feedback. For example, Toto may refuse to eat once he has had enough food, or stop playing if he’s tired.

Toto’s Treehouse is child-safe. It doesn’t have third-party ads or in-app purchases.

Explore each room in the treehouse to learn their functions

Things I Like

Toto’s Treehouse is a nice app that teaches kids about responsibility. As kids take care of Toto, they can hopefully translate the skill into real life with their own pets. If your family has a pet or is considering one, this app will be a great practice run for your young kids.

Because the app is quite detailed, it provides many opportunities for storytelling. Kids can even interact with the little things in the background, such as the leaves in the dining room or the frog in the pool. There’s a lot to explore, and as such I think it will take a long time to grow tired of the app.

Like other Dr. Panda games, Toto’s Treehouse earns high scores from me in the graphics department. The treehouse, although mostly devoid of other creatures, never looks lonely thanks to the use of bright colors. Overall, this is a top-notch app that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Kids can feed, clean, and do various activities with Toto


From the makers of Dr. Panda games comes another terrific release. In this adorable and stress-free app, kids learn the responsibilities of having a pet as they keep Toto the turtle fed, clean, and happy. Plenty of other mini activities are also available in Toto’s lush, 3D treehouse. Recommended for kids ages 3–8.

Dr. Panda & Toto’s Treehouse is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.