Choose Your Own Adventure in The Mystery of the Lost Red Scarf

When I was young, I enjoyed reading Choose Your Own Adventure books. It amazed me that I could be a part of the story and chose how it would end. That’s why I’m excited to learn that someone would actually make an adventure book for younger audience with a similar premise.

The Mystery of the Lost Red Scarf follows the story of Jacques the Cat and Missy the Mouse who are eager to ride their yellow biplane. Unfortunately, a strong wind blows Missy’s red scarf away, forcing them to land their plane quickly in an effort to find the scarf. Hence, the adventure begins.

The Mystery of the Lost Red lets you choose your own adventure paths.

Choose Your Paths and Enjoy the Alternate Endings

Their plane lands in warm and friendly Costa Rica. Guided by Looca the blue Ladybug, you’re going to help Jacques and Missy choose their adventure paths.

First, you must choose which ground transportation to take: bus or jeep. Each choice will take you to a different path in the storie. For example, the jeep’s route is a bit bumpy as it has to go through a shallow river, whereas the bus’ route is a bit smoother.

Regardless of the routes you choose, Jacques and Missy will end up in the National Park, where they continue their journey on foot. Again, you choose which way they go: should they visit the frogs, monkeys, or sloths?

Afterwards, they choose whether to visit the butterflies or help the young hummingbird before finally finding Missy’s scarf stuck on Teo the toucan’s foot.

Once you help Teo release the scarf, he will give you a small boat for rowing along the river. You can then decide whether to spend the beautiful sunset by going to the active volcano or the beach.

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Parents Need to Know

The Mystery of the Lost Red Scarf is designed to be read along with your kids. Kids ages 3+ would be able to understand the storyline and make the choices as they arise, but they need good reading skills to actively read on their own.

The book has multiple reading modes. You can use the Pop-up Word feature to enrich your kids vocabularies, or utilize the Facts tabs to learn more about the context. You can even turn off the Story mode, allowing you to make up your own tale using the illustrations.

There are three Facts tabs organized to show contextual information for three different levels of readers: toddlers, kids, and adults. So, while your kids learn about the facts appropriate for their age, you can learn about interesting tidbits such as how butterflies get their names.

The book also offers a way to see important objects annotated in the illustration, making it easy to learn new words.

Things I Like

The Mystery of the Lost Red Scarf features beautiful watercolor illustrations by Vigen Sogomonyan. As both my wife and son are into watercolor paintings at the moment, the app is an instant hit in my home.

Feature-wise, I enjoy the annotated reading mode where the book show new words next to the objects. By turning on the Pop-up Words feature, you can see an annotated version of the illustrations, showing keywords such as goggles and propeller.

If you like the alternate path/ending approach, you’re going to appreciate how you can unlock two additional mini books and a wallpaper by finding items throughout the book. Each mini book consists of five short comic-style drawings that tell lovely stories, such as planting a seed and going through one’s daily routines.

The app includes three mini books that you can unlock by finding items throughout the book.


The Mystery of the Lost Red Scarf is a lovely work of art that both parents and juniors can enjoy. It reads like a typical storybook, but offers a way to choose your own paths and ending. As a bonus, you can unlock three additional mini books by finding items throughout the book. A recommended read overall.

The Mystery of the Lost Red Scarf is available for iPad
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