Learn New Words in The Little Brown Bear Interactive Picture Book

My two-year-old Noah loves to play with alphabet apps. He loves them not because of the letters themselves, but because of the new words he can learn. That’s why I’m excited when a representative from Bayard introduced me to The Little Brown Bear Interactive Picture Book.

Find the objects in each scene and learn their names.

A Picture Book Filled with New Vocabularies

The Little Brown Bear Interactive Picture contains six interactive scenes: The House, Animals, The Family, Outings, Holidays and The Four Seasons. Each scene, despite not containing any narration or text, tells its own story.

For example, in the first scene, Gardening with Grandpa, kids will see Little Brown and his Grandpa working in the garden. Kids can tap on the objects in the scene, such as radish, lettuce, and pumpkin, to hear their names.

Once all the objects in that scene have been found, kids can unlock a memory matching game for the object group by tapping on the gift icon on the top left. The app will show a 3×4 grid of cards which, when flipped, will tell kids the name of the object on the card back.

The picture book contains a wide variety of themes and scenes.

Parents Need to Know

Little Brown Bear is a character from the magazines Popi and Pomme d’Api published by Bayard Jeunesse. While the original magazine is in French, the app is fully narrated in English.

This interactive picture book is suitable for kids ages 2+ to learn new vocabularies from animals to everyday objects. They can learn up to 250 everyday words by playing through all the scenes.

Once kids have completed a scene, they will unlock a memory matching game involving objects in that scene.

Things I Like

Similar to their physical counterparts, digital picture books like this are a great way for kids to learn new vocabularies. Little Brown Bear features themes and scenes that are easy for kids to relate, such as DIY with Daddy, Cooking with Mummy, and The Birthday Party.

The range of scenes varies widely, from the bedroom and kitchen to the market and seaside. Kids also get to play in the four seasons. Based on my experience with younger kids, picture books like this tend to get replayed often as they try to get all the names correctly.

Each time you tap an object, the app will highlight that object and speak its name.


The Little Brown Bear Interactive Picture Book is a great way for kids ages 2+ to learn new vocabularies. It contains 250 everyday words spread across a wide variety of themes and scenes. This is an app that will last for quite some time. If you’re looking for a good app to enrich your toddler’s vocabulary, you should give this app a try.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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