Kate and Harry Under the Sea Will Get Kids Hooked on Board Games

Kids discover vibrant undersea life in the board game for kids Kate and Harry Under the Sea

Board games for toddlers are rare, but that’s not to say you won’t find any good ones out there. Among our top picks is Kate and Harry in Africa. Made by developer Very Nice Studio, it is the first in a series of apps that introduce toddlers and preschoolers to board games.

Now, there’s a follow-up to the game. Called Kate and Harry Under the Sea, it takes kids on an adventure under the sea to meet and snap photos of beautiful sea animals.

Under the Sea

Kate and Harry Under the Sea can be played by up to two players. Playing alone, kids can choose to be Kate or Harry. The game board is a vibrant sea filled with colorful corals and dotted by tiny tropical islands. A string of circles across the screen denote the path kids can take.

To move their characters on the board, kids take turn to tap on the dice on the bottom left side. The characters will move on their own, while children narrators keep count in the background.

Occasionally, the characters will arrive at a fork in the path and wait for kids to decide where to go. They may also stop at special circles, which will launch a quick photo hunt for various sea creatures or a meeting with the islanders.

At the end of the game, kids are rewarded with a celebratory scene. They’ll be able to see all the photos and souvenirs they’ve collected. They can then repeat the game from the beginning.

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Parents Need to Know

Made specially for toddlers, Kate and Harry Under the Sea has minimal controls. Kids only need to tap to roll the dice, choose a fork in the road, or snap a picture of a sea creature. The app doesn’t contain text, so no reading skills are required.

As kids play, they can learn about 18 kinds of marine animals from around the world such as whale, squid, sea turtles, dolphins, and more. Parents can buy 12 additional animals via in-app purchase — don’t worry, this option is tucked away within a protected section for parents. The app has no ads and no links accessible to children.

Kids try to snap photos of marine animals

Things I Like

Like other Kate and Harry apps, Under the Sea features a pressure-free gameplay suitable for young kids. There is no time limit, so they can take as long as they like to complete a game.

The app also downplays the competitive elements, allowing kids to decide for themselves whether they want to compete or not. The first player to reach the finish line is awarded with a badge, but that aside there is no other distinction between the winner and the runner-up.

The game certainly has a lot of visual appeal thanks to bright, colorful graphics and friendly characters. I like how the game board moves from icy waters to a sunny pier. In the background, the sound of water sloshing creates the feeling that one is relaxing by the beach.

Kids can play solo or against a friend


Under the Sea is a nice addition to the Kate and Harry kids board game series. Kids can play alone or with a friend to discover vibrant seascapes and interesting sea creatures, while learning to count up to six at the same time. A stress-free app, it lets them choose to play casually or competitively. Suitable for ages 3–6.

Kate and Harry Under the Sea is available for iPhone/iPad
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