Duckie Deck Hungry Clipper Wants to Help Kids Clean Their Fingernails

Kids learn to clean their fingers and take accessories off clipping their nails.

Developer Duckie Deck is a household name in my family. Unique in their quest to provide kids with educational toys, they made some of our favorite apps: Sharing With Duckie Deck Collection, Sharing with Duckie Deck, and recently, Duckie Deck With Teeth. The last one mentioned focused on the importance of dental care, and made brushing teeth a fun activity for kids of all ages.

Today, I’m going to review a new app in their hygiene series for toddlers: Duckie Deck Hungry Clipper. As you might have guessed, it focuses on the importance of keeping neat and tidy fingernails.

Meet the Hungry Clipper

The app revolves around a cute nail clipper named Hungry Clipper. Like his name, he is always hungry for overgrown yet clean fingernails.

Kids feed him by first checking the fingers for dirt. Sometimes the fingers are all clean and ready to be clipped, but other times are dirty must be cleaned first. Kids must also take off any rings or accessories because Hungry Clipper doesn’t want to trim adorned fingers.

Once the fingers are all clean, kids can drag any one closer to Hungry Clipper so it can trim the nails. Once all the fingers on screen have been trimmed, a random hand will appear so kids can continue playing.

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Parents Need to Know

Hungry Clipper teaches kids about healthy habits and the importance of keeping their nails clean. Designed for toddlers, it is intuitive even for kids as young as one year old.

Through fun and interactive tutorials, kids can learn how to prepare their hands for nail-trimming. It also helps them be more comfortable with someone else clipping their fingernails.

It’s not just kids’ fingernails that need to be cleaned, but their pets’ too.

Things I Like

Young kids can easily play Hungry Clipper on their own because it is so intuitive. Even though they are required to drag each finger closer to Hungry Clipper, the app has high distance tolerance. This helps toddlers get the job done without having to perform precise gestures.

The app has a lot of visual appeal as well. The colorful graphics, dynamic elements and sound effects contribute to a fun gameplay. It’s also very easy to replay; a new hand will automatically appear without kids having to tap any buttons. The many hand variations help keep kids interested.

Hungry Clipper introduces kids to the healthy habit of keeping your hands and fingers clean.


Hungry Clipper is a fun app that promotes the healthy habits of keeping fingernails clean and tidy. It is intuitive to play and lovely to look at. With plenty of hand variations to clean, including animals and monsters, I’m sure kids of all ages would enjoy playing it.

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App was provided for our honest review.