Kids Jam to Urban Beats in Fresh Fruits: Rhythm of the City

Fresh Fruits: Rhythm in the City takes kids on a musical exploration in a bustling metropolis

Young kids are attracted to sounds. They especially love creating them, which is why over the years we’ve amassed many musical apps. Among our favorites are Sago Mini Sound Box, Toca Band, Bubl Draw, and Animal Band.

The latest to join the band is Fresh Fruits: Rhythm of the City. Developed by Ereading Worksheets, the app lets kids explore a rhythmic metropolis alongside fruity characters.

A Fresh Jam

Kids begin by selecting three out of six animated fruit characters: orange, apple, cherry, pear, grapes, or banana. The characters will walk in a line, starting the music and revealing a bustling cityscape.

Everywhere in the city are elements that make sounds and little animations when tapped. For example, kids can tap on the birds to make them fly, the cars to make them honk, or the fruits themselves to hear unique drum effects. They can also drag and drop objects around the screen. If they want the screen to stop scrolling, they can press the green button on the top right.

An open-ended experience, the app lets kids tap anywhere and still produce nice music. In fact, the music will play even if they are not tapping at all. It also loops endlessly until kids close the app.

Kids can tap on any object to make sounds and see fun animation

Parents Need to Know

Fresh Fruits: Rhythm of the City features a simple gameplay without any instructions and time limits. The app was designed for kids ages five and under, and we think it makes a good toy for toddlers who are new to touchscreen devices as the controls are simple.

The app does not contain ads or in-app purchases. It also has no external links.

These animated fruits in cool sneakers will happily stroll along the musical road

Things I Like

I like this jam! Fresh Fruits: Rhythm of the City is an engaging musical app that works well for toddlers. The graphics are colorful and the animation lively. You can find surprises everywhere; in the sky or on the ground, something interesting always happens when you tap.

The music, which sounds like an experimental synthpop piece to my ears, is also nice. It has a catchy tune, but is low-key enough not to aggravate you after repeated listenings. Still, it would be nice if the developer could add more songs in the future.

My only gripe is that when there are many things going on the screen, the animation is not as smooth as I’d like. It doesn’t affect music or the game’s responsiveness, but I do hope to see this fixed.

Kids can play with DJ Panda and his street crew


Fresh Fruits: Rhythm of the City is a fun, stress-free digital music box. Kids can explore a bustling cityscape filled with tappable musical elements and experiment with various sounds. The music always sounds nice however kids play. It’s also low-key and not so earworm-y, which is good news for parents.

Fresh Fruits: Rhythm of the City is available for iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.