Pizo Animals Review: Cute Animal Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

Kids assemble puzzles and learn facts about wild animals in Pizo Animals

Jigsaw puzzles are great for all ages; they help develop fine motor and problem solving skills, and improve concentration. With so many great benefits, it’s no wonder you can find many puzzle apps on the App Store.

The latest to enter the market is Pizo Animals from developer Sprite Kids. Made for kids ages 5 and under, it features 16 interactive animal-shaped puzzles. As kids play, they also learn fun facts about each animal.

Assemble the Animal

Kids begin by tapping the play button on the home screen. The app will show a forest scene with an animal silhouette, which they complete by dragging the pieces from the bottom of the screen to their respective spots.

As they play, kids can tap on the objects on the screen to find little animations and sound effects. For example, they can tap on the leaves of a tree to make them fall, or the clouds to make it rain.

They can also tap on the firefly hovering near the puzzle to listen to a random fact about the featured animal. For example, how lions are the second largest cats in the world after tigers and how no two zebras have the same patterning on their bodies.

Once the puzzle is completed, letters will fall from above and form the animal’s name. A narrator will recite it along with another animal fact. The app then slides to the next puzzle, and the game is repeated from the beginning.

The app spells the animal’s name after kids have completed the puzzle

Parents Need to Know

Pizo Animals comes with three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. When the game is set to easy, the outlines for the animal and each puzzle piece will appear. When the game is set to medium, only the outline for the animal will appear. The hard level doesn’t show outlines at all.

Along with the difficulty level, parents can customize the number of puzzle pieces used from within the Settings menu. They can also choose to have the pieces show the animal texture or solid colors. The solid color puzzles are slightly more difficult as kids only have the shapes to refer to.

If kids get stuck on a puzzle, they can tap on the question mark on the top right to receive a hint. The app will pick a random piece and show where it belongs in the puzzle, but they must place it themselves.

The app doesn’t contain in-app purchases and third-party apps. It has a link to the developer’s other app, but you must first answer a math question to access it.

Parents can customize the difficulty level of the game

Things I Like

Pizo Animals is beautifully made with colorful graphics and lovely, low-key animation. The sound effects do not distract from the gameplay, and instead provides an immersive experience.

The gameplay itself is relaxing and stress-free. It doesn’t utilize timer or a scoring system, so kids can take their time completing each puzzle. On the other hand, you can customize the difficulty level to make the game more challenging.

I like how the app allows kids to pick up multiple skills as they play. Not only do kids improve their fine motor and cognitive skills, but they also learn to spell and pick up fun facts about the animals. This makes the app more interesting and keeps players coming back. I only wish that the developer would add more animals in future updates.

Parents can make the game more challenging by using more pieces and removing the puzzle outlines


Pizo Animals is a simple, relaxing app where young kids can assemble animal-shaped jigsaw puzzles. They can also interact with the scenes and learn facts about wild animals. Parents can customize the game’s difficulty by controlling the number of pieces used, turning on/off the outlines, and switch between colors and textures. Great for kids ages five and under.

Pizo Animals is available for iPhone/iPad
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