What's the Time Mr. Fox Introduces Kids to Good Daily Routines

Last month, Camila reviewed an adorable app that help kids recognize basic 2D shapes, called Mr. Fox and Shapes. The app has colorful graphics and a lovely mascot, Mr. Fox, that appeal to kids ages 2+.

Today, I want to highlight another app in the Mr. Fox & Friends series, called What’s the Time Mr. Fox. As the name suggests, the app tries to teach kids how to tell the time.

What’s the Time Mr. Fox follows Mr. Fox as he perform his daily routines.

From 7 AM to 8 PM

The app depicts a day in the life Mr. Fox, from the time he wakes up until he goes back to sleep. Mr. Fox wakes up at 7 AM before proceeding to wear his favorite ABC T-shirt and jeans. He then brushes his teeth and cleans his face.

At 9 AM, Mr. Fox eats a sandwich and drinks a glass of water for breakfast. Shortly afterwards, he takes a bike ride until noon. After having his lunch, Mr. Fox would take a quick nap.

In the afternoon, Mr. Fox starts to play. With a brush on his right hand and a palette of watercolor paint on his left hand, he would start painting. He would end his day at 6 PM where he makes his own sandwich for dinner. Then, he takes a bath and goes to bed at 8 PM.

Throughout the day, kids can help Mr. Fox perform his activities. For example, they can drag his toothbrush to his mouth, smear a towel on his face to clean it, and push a button to propel his bike forward.

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Parents Need to Know

What’s the Time Mr. Fox is a simple app for kids ages 3 and up. Following the narrator and visual hints, kids should be able to navigate the app without difficulties.

The app, available in English and Spanish, is designed to teach kids to be aware of the time of day and their daily routines. It shows how time moves by animating the analog clock. Kids can also learn how to tell the time by paying attention to the clock hands.

Mr. Fox exhibits a good set of behaviors that many kids can relate to or adopt, such as waking up early, sleeping early, and eating healthy food. After using the app, kids may be interested in trying out new activities such as painting and making their own sandwich.

Kids can play with 10 different activities, including riding a bike and painting an apple tree.

Things I Like

What’s the Time Mr. Fox has cute and colorful graphics that appeal to kids. It also includes fun sound effects that make for an enjoyable playing experience.

I like how the app allows kids to interact with some of the items on the screen, such as the rubber duck in the sink. If they have to do things in a sequence, the app provides hints to aid them. I also like how they can tap the clock to repeat the narration.

My favorite activity in the app is helping Mr. Fox ride his bicycle. Because the bike doesn’t have any pedals, Mr. Fox would push it forward with his feet. Once it gains enough speed, he would lift his feet.

Mr. Fox exhibits good habits, including sleeping early.


What’s the Time Mr. Fox is a cute app for kids ages 3+ who are still forming their daily routines. The app features good activities that are easy to relate to and adopt. If your kids are old enough, they can also learn the basics of telling time by observing the clock.

What’s the Time Mr. Fox is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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