Explore 225 Words Grouped as 40 Rhyming Families in Bud's Rhyming Words

There are plenty of word families for each vowel that kids unlock one at a time.

My four-year-old started learning about rhyming words earlier this year at school. To support him, I picked out two apps about rhymes: Super WHY Phonics Fair and Word Teller for Kids. Both have been helpful, but I figured having more options wouldn’t hurt.

With the recent release of Bud’s Rhyming Words, the folks at Nimble Minds gave me just what I was looking for. The app offers three engaging mini games, which cover 40 word families through more than 255 words and pictures.

The Mini Games

The first mini, called Word Families, sees all the words grouped into 40 rhyming word families and five vowels. When kids select a vowel from the menu, they will see a map showing a continuous path across the families that contain that vowel. For example, if thy select ‘a’, they will see a path from ‘-ack’ and ‘-ag’ to ‘-aw’ and ‘-ay’.

The game will show five random words and pictures for each family. For example, the ‘-ain’ family might contain words like brain, train, rain, pain, and chain. Kids are then tasked to match each image to the corresponding word box.

They work their way through the path one family at a time. When they've unlocked all the families in a path, they can return to the menu and select a different vowel. Below are the rhyming families that kids will learn in the mini game:

‘-eat’, ‘-ed’, ‘-ell’, ‘-en’, ‘-est’, ‘-et’
‘-ice’, ‘-ick’, ‘-ide’, ‘-ill’, ‘-in’, ‘-ing’, ‘-ink’, ‘-ip’, ‘-it’
‘-ock’, ‘-og’, ‘-oke’, ‘-op’, ‘-ore’, ‘-ot’
‘-ub’, ‘-uck’, ‘-ug’, ‘-ump’, ‘-uh’, ‘-ush’

In the second game, called Pick & Click, kids are tasked to match objects that belong to the same rhyming word family. A cartoon boy will think of an object, and they must choose among the six pictures for the one that rhymes with it. For example, if the boy thinks of a net, they must find the picture of a pet.

The last game, called Catch the Match, is a mini adventure where kids explore the ocean bed to search for rhyming words. It first shows them a word, then tasks them to grab all the words that rhyme with it.

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Parents Need to Know

Bud’s Rhyming Words is suitable for kids ages 4+ to improve their reading skills. The games help them understand phonics, word patterns, and rhymes. Offering a huge library of 225 words, the app is bound to have a few new words kids can learn.

One thing to note is that even though kids can play the games in any order, it’d be easier if they play Word Families first before Pick & Click. This way, they’ll be familiar with the objects shown in the pictures.

The app supports multiple user profiles, making it perfect for classroom usage. Parents and teachers can also access a report that will track each user independently.

If you enjoy Bud’s Rhyming Words, you might want to check Bud’s First English Words as well. It’s the prequel to Bud’s Rhyming Words in a series of early language development apps from Nimble Minds.

All the mini games require players to have a good understanding of rhymes.

Things I Like

Both my sons love to play with the games. They’re fun to play and helpful for learning new vocabularies. It has a big library of words, in fact the biggest I’ve seen so far. I believe putting rhymes together helps younger kids digest them as sight words.

My only complaint against this app is its font choice — I wish it were more readable. If they want to go the extra mile, they could even offer a dyslexic-friendly font that parents can choose from the in-app settings.

Explore the deep sea bed to find words that belong in the same rhyming family.


Bud’s Rhyming Words is a collection of fun mini games to help kids learn word rhymes. It has a vast word library that span 40 rhyming word families, making it a great learning resource for kids ages four and up. If you want to help your kids with their early reading skills, you should definitely check this app out.

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App was provided for our honest review.