Tiny Playroom Lets Toddlers Play with Digital Toys, Puzzles, and a Magical Box

Kids can learn to count by playing with rubber ducks in the bath tub.

Everyone loves to play, especially young toddlers. They especially love colorful and interactive toys.

If you let your toddlers play with an iPad, you might want to consider letting them play Tiny Playroom. It’s a collection of six mini games that are fun and intuitive for kids ages two and up.

The Games

When you start the app, kids will see a carousel of six big icons representing the mini games. The first one is called Virtual Bath Tub. Using the add (+) and subtract (-) buttons, they can control the number of rubber ducks that appear in the tub. The idea is to introduce toddlers to the concept of adding, subtracting, and basic counting from 1 to 10.

Tiny Playroom also includes three shape-matching games: Tangram Puzzle, Shape Sorter, and The Xylophone. In the Tangram Puzzle game, kids fit tangram pieces into a puzzle grid to construct objects such as boat, swan, and fox.

In the Shape Sorter game, they are asked to find a block that matches the shape of the hole in the big cube. When they find the perfect fit, they will see a huge 3D representation of that shape and hear its name pronounced.

In the Xylophone game, kids drag wooden blocks to fit the matching slots. Each wooden block has up to five holes that match the sticks for each colored slot. Once they have put all the wooden blocks together, they will get a mini xylophone that lets them play simple nursery rhymes.

The last two games are called Mystical Magic Box and Amazing Cube Puzzle. The former is a game where kids learn to count from 1 to 5 using colorful blocks. As they put each block into the magic box, a number of pigeons will fly out.

In Amazing Cube Puzzle, kids turn four cubes to complete pictures of animals. Each completed picture will turn into an animal that bounces around the screen.

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Parents Need to Know

Designed for kids ages two and up, the games are simple and intuitive. Some of them mimic physical toys, such as the shape sorter, xylophone, and cube puzzle. Between my family and my brother’s, we have all these toys available to our kids. However, Tiny Playroom is more practical for travels.

The games are also useful for teaching kids basic concepts such as counting, shapes, colors, patterns, and musical scales. With your help, kids can also learn them to identify objects in the tangram puzzle, learn basic musical shapes, and distinguish one patterns.

Tiny Playroom includes three shape matching games, including this colorful wooden blocks game that resembles its physical counterpart.

Things I Like

Tiny Playroom provides animated rewards to keep kids engaged. The games repeat themselves until the players hit the Home button, and thanks to some variation it’s going to take kids a good hour or two before they get bored.

My family’s favorite game is the mystery magic box. Magic is always intriguing, especially for kids. We were delighted to see the pigeons the first time, and afterwards we just couldn’t stop trying putting different combinations into the magic box.

Perhaps the most magical part of Tiny Playroom is the magical box that turns colorful shapes into flying pigeons.


Tiny Playroom is a fun collection of six mini games for kids ages two and up. Interactive and engaging, the games are useful for teaching basic cognitive skills such as counting, shapes, colors, patterns, and musical scales. Also great during travels.

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App was provided for our honest review.