What Happened to the Dinosaurs? Find Out in SOS Dinos in Distress

Thaddeus Getsit-Wright investigates the disappearance of dinosaurs

Have you ever wondered what happened to the dinosaurs 65 million years ago? Scientists have long debated the exact cause, but never really come up with an answer.

Perhaps they should have asked Thaddeus Getsit-Wright for assistance. The star of developer Audois & Alleuil’s latest storybook app SOS Dinos in Distress, Thaddeus is a young private eye interested in solving the greatest mystery of all: why did the dinosaurs disappear?

Give it a Try-Try-Try-ceratops

A self-proclaimed mastermind and sleuth, Thaddeus is always on the lookout for cases worthy of his genius. He discovers such a case one morning, when he reads the news that dinosaurs have disappeared from the face of the Earth and nobody knows why.

His search for clues leads him to the natural history museum, and eventually an abandoned dinosaur theme park. He doesn’t notice that his assistant Gladys, along with a group suspicious green creatures, have been leading him on all along.

An accidental fall from a ride at the theme park leads him to a jumbled-up Rubik’s Cube, which he solves in a flash. Satisfied, he goes home without noticing the flying saucer that lands on the site of the solved Cube.

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Parents Need to Know

SOS Dinos in Distress is a delightful storybook complete with beautiful illustrations and and well-composed background music. It also has many playful interactive features. For example, kids can help Thaddeus dust for footprints by shaking their device, or scan Gladys’ radio to listen to mysterious broadcasts.

Available in English and French, the story allows kids to read by themselves or to listen to the professionally recorded narration. Parents of English-speaking kids should note that the app uses the French text and narration by default, but switching to English is as simple as tapping on a button.

The app doesn’t contain ads or in-app purchases, so it is quite safe for kids.

Playful interactive features, such as this cryptic vending machine, engage young readers

Things I Like

SOS Dinos in Distress is a lively tale with plenty of amusing details. The premise is highly imaginative, and the twist ending is icing on the cake. The protagonist is quite charming despite his cocky attitude; it’s hard to not to smile at his silly antics.

The story is told in an engaging way. The clever interactive features will delight young readers as they tap, swipe, or shake the scenes to bring about fun animations or recordings. One of my favorites is punching in different codes into the vending machine to listen to cryptic messages (try “ABBA”).

As kids read, they can also discover many interesting lessons. For example, they will learn to use a compass, and a flip-flap book for profiling suspects.

Kids help Thaddeus profile the suspect using a flip flip book


SOS Dinos in Distress is a beautifully illustrated storybook, complete with playful interactive features and sound effects on every page. Starring a prideful young detective on an imaginative dinosaur hunt, the story is every bit hilarious and engaging. All in all, a fun app for young readers. Available in English and French.

SOS Dinos in Distress is available for iPad
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