Improve Your Storytelling Skills with Curious George Goes Camping

Last month, I reviewed Curious George and the Firefighters, a storybook app based on the popular children’s series. The app happens to belongs to an innovative reading program, iRead With, which encourages a participative reading experience engaging both parent and child.

Today, I’d like to introduce a new addition to the iRead With series. Titled Curious George Goes Camping, it follows George’s first camping experience with the man in the yellow hat.

The iRead With program uses Living Words and prompt questions to help parents start conversation with their kids.

Camping with George

The story begin with the man in the yellow hat and George preparing for their camping trip. George, eager to help, is sent to fetch a bucket of water for making roasted marshmallows that night.

While filling his bucket at a nearby water pump, George notices a young girl pouring a bucketful of water to put out a fire. Ever curious, he tries the same thing at a nearby campfire.

Little did George know, a camper still needs that fire. George, afraid that the camper will chase him, runs away into the forest on his own. He runs as fast as he can, but is soon overtaken by a deer.

George follows the deer into the forest and soon finds himself lost. Still, he manages to get into more trouble with a skunk. Now he is lost, and he smells really awful.

Can George find his way back to the campsite? Will he be able to get himself clean again?

The app prompts you with different questions every time to encourage you to read the story several times.

Parents Need to Know

The iRead With program is designed to encourage a shared reading experience. Throughout the book, parents can follow prompting system to start a conversation related to the story. Kids can also learn new words and hear their parents record their own voice.

By reading the story more than once, kids can comprehend it more clearly. The questions included on each page help them gain a different perspective. The questions are available in three difficulty levels.

Curious George Goes Camping is available in English, French and Spanish.

The book introduces kids to new words, even the ones that are not explicitly written in the story text (such as smoke).

Things I Like

I really enjoyed reading this book with my four-year-old son. We’ve never gone camping before, so this story lets us explore new things. I read the book with him several times, adding in a few of my own questions in the process.

If you plan to read this book with your child, I would recommend scheduling several sessions to get more out of the story. This will allow you to slowly increase the difficulty levels of the question to test your child’s reading comprehension.

For example, you can start with Level 1 and Level 2 questions in your first session. Then, repeat Level 2 and add Level 3 questions in the next one. If both of you really enjoyed the story, you can even repeat Level 3 and add your own level in subsequent sessions. I added a fourth level where I ask my four-year-old to retell the story to his mom while mirroring the iPad to my Apple TV.

The app also features a Story Theater where kids can make their own stories using characters, props, and scenes from the story.


Curious George Goes Camping is a fun storybook for kids ages 4+ to read along with their parents. Guided by the prompt questions, you can start discussions with your kids about the scenes in the story. At the end of the book, you can try asking them to retell the story to another family member in their own words reusing only the illustrations.

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App was provided for our honest review.