Dreamjob Veterinarian Lets Kids Run Their First Small Animal Practice

If you played PC games in the 1990s, you’ve probably heard of Theme Hospital, a classic business simulation game where you play as the manager of a hospital chain. Today, I’d like to highlight a similar business simulation game, but aimed at kids ages 9 and up. Called Dreamjob Veterinarian, the recently released app lets kids open their own veterinary practice. Similar to Theme Hospital, players can hire medical staff, treat patients, earn money, and invest in their practice.

In Dreamjob Veterinarian, kids can run their own veterinarian practice.

Treat the Pets and Grow Your Practice

In Dreamjob Veterinarian, you play a young vet who dreams of running her own veterinary practice. Pet owners will come to your place, asking you to cure their animals. You decide which one you want to treat first, and let the others wait in the waiting room.

Different pets have their own problems. As a good vet, you start by asking their owners about the condition. Throughout the game, you will treat many diseases, such as ear canal problem and asthma.

When you complete a treatment, you will earn some money and experience (XP). You can use the money to buy furnitures, medical consumables, and medical equipments. The money can also be used to open new treatment rooms or hire medical assistants. When the accumulated XP has reached a certain threshold, you will level up as a vet apprentice, and unlock new items to purchase.

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Parents Need to Know

Dreamjob Veterinarian is a simple business simulation game designed to be intuitive enough for kids ages 9+ to play on their own. The gameplay for treating the pets is quite straightforward. The game will also provide visual hints to guide the players.

The more challenging part of the game is how players spend their money. They have to decide which parts of the clinic that they want to expand first. This will determine how the game progresses.

The gameplay for each medical treatment is beautifully illustrated and very detailed.

Things I Like

I’ve always enjoyed business simulation games, and Dreamjob Veterinarian is no exception. The game is a bit like real-time strategy in that players must arrange which patients would go first, and which would have to wait. Simply tap on the pet owners to see more info, and decide which treatment room they should go into.

The treatment gameplay is also well-illustrated, with beautiful graphics that help show the diseases in detail. I’m sure many kids would learn new things about pets and their diseases by playing this game.

As a business simulation game, you can choose how you will spend your money and expand the clinic.


Dreamjob Veterinarian is a great business simulation game for kids ages 9+ who want to run their own veterinarian practice. The game also offers a detailed view of the treatment process. I really enjoyed playing the game, and I wish my kids were old enough to play it with me.

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