Little Lamb in Amsterdam Takes Kids on a Guided Trip Around the Netherlands

Many people love to travel, myself included. When we visit a new place, we learn the stories behind it and its surrounding cultures. When we return home, we would tell our version of these stories to our friends and family.

I haven’t been to the Netherlands, so my kids and I were excited when Josh and Donna contacted us about their app Little Lamb in Amsterdam. It’s a lovely storybook they created based on their visit to Amsterdam in 2005. With a curious little lamb as the main character, many kids would find the story easy to relate to.

Little Lamb in Amsterdam is a guided tour around the Netherlands from the perspective of a curious little lamb.

From Markem to Amsterdam

The story starts with a little lamb who is curious to see the world outside her farm gates. With her mother’s blessing, she goes on a bike trip around the country. Starting from her farm in Markem, the little lamb visits many places and learns new things until she arrives in Amsterdam.

On each of the 24 pages, kids can perform a swipe up gesture to reveal a toolbar containing related fun facts. For example, as the little lamb arrives in Volendam, kids can also learn about the Hollandse Nieuwe — a tradition where people eat raw herrings by holding the fish by its tail.

By following the little lamb’s journey around the Netherlands, kids can learn about what windmills are for and how Amsterdam got its name. They can also learn the brief history behind tulips, clogs, and gouda.

When the little lamb finally reaches Amsterdam, she rides her bike along the canals and bridges. She enjoys the beautiful buildings by the canals, and visits many of the great museums in Amsterdam. And when she finds a painting with a family of sheep, she realizes how much she misses her mother at home dearly and rides back home soon afterwards.

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Parents Need to Know

Little Lamb in Amsterdam is also available in Dutch. You can toggle the language setting from within the same toolbar where the fun facts are located.

The app also includes two additional sections: History and Maps. In the first section, kids can learn about a brief historical timeline of the Netherlands. For example, kids can find out who the first King of the Netherlands was, and when Belgium separated itself from the Netherlands. In the Maps section, they can see where Netherlands is located within Europe, and which route the little lamb takes on her bike ride around the country.

Learn about different Dutch meals and snacks; what they are and how they look like.

Things I Like

In addition to the nice drawings, I enjoyed the little details in this app. For example, when the little lamb visits a restaurant in Amsterdam, we can learn about what the dishes look like by tapping on each menu. I’m a huge fan of poffertjes, bitterballen, and pannenkoeken. The app does a wonderful job depicting how these snacks would look like in real life.

I also enjoyed reading up the fun facts included throughout the book. For example, I didn’t know that there are more bikes than people in the Netherlands. I also didn’t know that there are 3,000 kinds of tulips, and that you can see most of them in Keukenhoff — the biggest flower park in the world. The app nicely portrays what it’s like to visit the Netherlands through the eyes of a little lamb.

In the Maps section, you can see the little lamb's biking route around the country.


Little Lamb in Amsterdam is a storybook that helps kids ages 3+ learn what it’s like to travel around the Netherlands. Using a little lamb as its main character proves to be effective in getting kids interested in learning new things and cultures. It’s easy to relate to, and can spark instant wanderlust. I wish more developers would build apps for kids that highlight the beautiful parts of the world.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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