Montessori MatheMAGICs: Dynamic Division Teaches Kids Division Using Word Problems

As an early adopter of any math apps for kids, I can testify that they really help my kids learn early math skills. For example, my four-year-old is already practicing multiplication with Montessori Math: Multiplication, and his younger brother is now into subtraction with Montessori 1st Operations. Both apps use the Montessori approach to teach these concepts to kids, and I’m glad I have found them.

Today, I want to highlight another Montessori math app that aims to help kids learn the concept of division. Called Montessori MatheMAGICs: Dynamic Division, the app offers more than 70 math problems.

In Montessori MatheMAGICs: Dynamic Division, you use a 9×9 grid to divide objects equally among the characters.

Learn How to Divide Objects Equally

Montessori MatheMAGICs: Dynamic Division uses word/story problems to help kids understand the concept of division. For example, kids will find two pirates asking them to divide four coins equally between them. Using a 9×9 grid, kids count how many coins each pirate ends up with.

The app uses a simple, relatable story, and converts it into 9×9 grid. Once kids have solved the problem manually and visually, the app converts it back into the story and presents the mathematical model. It’s an intuitive way to learn the division concept.

Once kids have solved a problem, they can start with a new one involving either the same characters or different ones. So instead of pirates, kids may distribute sweets among the app’s characters, fishes into fishbowls, or flowers into vases.

As a reward, kids earn a slice of (virtual) pizza for every problem solved. Each slice is a one-eighth part of a full pizza. After you complete eight problems, you get to unlock a new game level with new characters, new objects, and a new way to clean up the board. The app has nine levels of difficulty in total.

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Parents Need to Know

As a parent myself, I can testify that the Montessori approach has been quite effective for teaching basic math concepts to my kids. I can say the same thing about Montessori MatheMAGICs: Dynamic Division -- it’s an excellent way for kids to learn division independently and at their own pace.

The app supports multiple users, and tracks each user’s progress independently. It also includes a report that allows parents and teachers to track everyone’s progress.

Montessori MatheMAGICs: Dynamic Division uses simple world problems to teach kids the basic concept of division.

Things I Like

Montessori MatheMAGICs: Dynamic Division uses simple written instructions accompanied by professional voice overs, allowing kids ages 8+ to learn independently. It also detects when kids are stuck at a particular problem, and suggests the next possible moves.

The app also includes interactive elements to make learning more fun. For example, clearing the division board after solving a problem can be done in nine different ways: using a tornado, a magic wand, or even a balloon.

The app includes audio visual hints to help your kids when they’re stuck.


Montessori MatheMAGICs: Dynamic Division is a great way for kids ages 8+ to learn the basic division concepts using the Montessori approach. Using simple word problems and a 9×9 grid, kids can learn to solve division problems visually and convert them into their respective mathematic models.

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