Say Goodnight Wants to Help Your Kids Develop Good Bedtime Routines

Different families have different bedtime routines, but most would agree on the basic ones such as cleaning up toys and brushing teeth. If your kids are still learning to form their bedtime routines, you might want to let them play with Say Goodnight, an interactive storybook app from Puppet Life that aims to help kids develop these routines.

Say Goodnight takes place at a beautiful farm.

Say Goodnight to the Animals

The story starts as a tired sun gives way to the shiny silver moon to take over the night sky. Throughout the forest, kids will see animals scurrying back to their nests and burrows.

Kids will get to see as honey bear, squirrel, and hedgehog prepare for a good night’s sleep. They can tap on each animal’s sleeping places to say goodnight and lull them to sleep. They also learn how Mr. Owl loves to stay up at night.

Swiping the screen to the right will give them access to the farmhouse and the barn. Inside the house, they will help the cat and mouse to sleep. Outside the house, they must also remember to tap on the dog and bird.

To get the animals to sleep, kids can tilt the iPad to the left and right as they would a nursery swing. Once they get all the animals to bed, including the ones in the barn, they can help the little boy perform his bedtime routines. This include cleaning up the toys, putting on pajamas, washing his face, combing his hair, and brushing his teeth.

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Parents Need to Know

Say Goodnight is intuitive enough for kids ages 2+ to play and interact on their own. Instead of using text, the app relies on a professional narrator to tell the story. This helps kids focus more on the interactivity rather than the storyline.

On the other hand, the storyline promotes good bedtime routines. Even though the narrative is linear, you can definitely refer to the activities independently and mix your own. There is also plenty of other observation points that you can turn into discussion points when playing the app with your kids.

Put the animals to bed by tilting the iOS device back and forth as you would a nursery swing.

Things I Like

Say Goodnight is beautifully illustrated. All of the characters and the surrounding environment have a warm atmosphere that is easy to relate to, even when you’ve never lived in a farmhouse. The soothing lullaby also makes the entire experience enjoyable.

I like the way the app makes kids tilt the device as a mechanism to put the animals to sleep. Younger toddlers should be able to easily relate this movement to a nursery swing.

Help the boy perform his bedtime routines.


Say Goodnight is a beautiful storybook app for kids ages 2+ to learn about good bedtime routines. An interesting feature is the ability to tilt the device back and forth to lull the animal characters to bed, similar to a nursery a swing. If your kids are still forming their bedtime routines, you might want to consider letting them play with this app.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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