Play Dress Up as Your Favorite Characters in Dress Up: Fairy Tales

Kids grow up with fairy tales. They read them in storybooks, watch them in movies, and even role-play as them. Many kids love to wear fairy tale costumes because they help them imagine how it would like to be their favorite characters.

Play Toddlers recently released a new toy app that allows kids ages 2+ to play dress up as their favorite fairy tale characters. The app supports both genders and up to 30 characters, including princes and princesses.

Dress Up: Fairy Tales lets you play dress up games with both genders and up to 30 fairy tale and cultural outfits.

Dress Up and Color the Outfits

Kids start by browsing through the available outfits in the scrolling drawer. There is a nice mix of outfits to appeal to both girls and boys, so they should be able to find something like. Some outfits also come with accessories; for example, a knight with a plated armor, a Viking with a horned helmet, and an archer with a quiver.

Once kids have selected an outfit, they will see a naked young toddler. The idea is to dress him/her up, starting from the underwear and socks, by dragging the piece of clothing to the correct body part. If kids make a mistake, the app will provide a visual hint to show where they should put the piece of clothing instead.

Once the character is dressed up, kids can select a new character, or do the coloring activity. The app provides a nice palette of colors that you can select from the scrollable bar on the bottom of the screen.

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Parents Need to Know

The dress up activity is intuitive enough for kids ages 2+ to play on their own, and the app provides a clear visual hint when they make mistakes. On the other hand, the coloring activity may be a bit difficult for younger kids. I think tapping to fill sections with colors may be more appropriate for the intended audience.

Dress Up: Fairy Tales is the second app in the Dress Up series. If your kids love the gameplay, you should give Dress Up: Professions a try. Instead of fairy tales characters, the app features 30 popular professions, including chef, detective, and scientist.

Browse through the outfits to find your favorite one.

Things I Like

Dress Up: Fairy Tales provides a great way for kids to role-play and learn more about characters and the objects associated with them. For example, I had to look up what the container for arrows is called and explain what a jester is to my four-year-old.

Younger kids can learn about what different pieces of clothing are called, and how to differentiate between left and right. The fun background music also helps to keep kids interested in playing for a longer period and try other outfits.

Dress Up also includes a nice coloring activity for kids to express their creativity.


Dress Up: Fairy Tales is a fun toy app for kids ages 2+ to play dress-up as their favorite fairy tale characters. The app supports both genders and up to 30 characters, including one-eyed pirate and sheriff. It’s also a great way to expose kids to various cultural outfits, such as ancient Egyptian and native American.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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