Learn about Safety in Curious George and the Firefighters

A couple of months ago, I reviewed a Caillou storybook app that belongs to iRead With, an innovative reading program to encourage a participative reading experience engaging both parent and child. Throughout the book, parents can follow a prompting system that encourages them to start a conversation by asking questions related to the story.

Today, I’d like to highlight the latest app in the iRead With program: Curious George and the Firefighters. Based on Margret Rey’s children book and the well-known PBS KIDS TV series, this storybook features George the curious monkey in his latest adventure.

George the curious monkey is visiting the firehouse

A Field Trip to the Fire Station

The story starts with George and his yellow hat friend joining Mrs. Gray’s class on a field trip to the fire station. After being greeted by the Fire Chief, everyone is excited to explore the firehouse. They go upstairs and find a kitchen, a big table, and a set of beds for the firefighters to take a nap.

Always the curious one, George is more interested in exploring the firehouse on his own. Interested with the shiny silver pole that leads back to the garage, George slides down and find the big fire truck. He goes on and try a pair of fireman boots, helmet, and jacket.

Shortly afterwards, the fire alarm rings aloud. The firefighters rush in, but they can’t find their stuff, mostly because they were taken by George. When the firefighters start the engine, George jumps in and goes along for the ride.

The Pizza Parlor on the Main Street is on fire. The firefighters start to unwind their hoses. Everyone knows what to do, except for George. He’s ready to help, but a fireman catches him and leads him to the park instead.

Will the firefighters be able to put out the fire and save the building? And what will curious George do next?

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Parents Need to Know

Throughout the story, Curious George features Living Words. These are special words maybe new to early readers. These words appear in different colors and have a bit of interactivity when tapped. Kids can record their voices as they pronounce these words. Some of the new firefighting-related words introduced in the app include hat, truck, boots, helmet, smoke, and hoses.

iRead With approach is also known for encouraging shared reading experience between parent and child. If this is your first iRead With app, you should definitely check out their excellent reading tips section.

Curious George and the Firefighters is available in English, French, and Spanish.

Read the story again to move up the Reading Level and collect new characters

Things I Like

Similar to other iRead With apps, Curious George and the Firefighters encourages you to read the story again and again to unlock new characters and props for the Theater play mini activity. Each time you read the story, you move up the Reading Level. You will also unlock new discussion prompts for the new levels.

George the monkey is a good character that most kids would find easy to relate. Kids tend to have the same level of curiosity as George does. That’s why this firefighters storyline is a great way to introduce how to balance between curiosity and safety. Kids can also learn that there are ways they can do to help adults without endangering themselves in the process.

Use your reward in the Theater play mini activity


Curious George and the Firefighters is a great way for kids ages 4+ to learn how to balance curiosity and safety. Through the innovative reading experience, early readers can also learn how to become good storytellers.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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