Duckie Deck With Teeth Makes Brushing a Fun Activity

Do your kids brush their teeth regularly? In my experience, explaining the importance of dental care to kids can be quite challenging. If your kids haven’t included this activity into their routines, you will appreciate this brand new app from Duckie Deck called With Teeth.

Duckie Deck With Teeth is a fun toothbrushing activity for kids ages 1+.

Grow and Brush Your Teeth

In this game, kids start as toddler without any tooth. They then with simply tap to grow a tooth of different sizes, from triangle and rectangle to a more rounded and realistic shape.

Once a tooth is all grown, kids can tap and drag it to modify its size. They can drag a tooth to the sides to slide it (and its adjacent teeth) to either direction. They can also drag it outwards to pull it out.

They can also design their own special set of teeth, fangs, and tusks. Because they can slide the all-grown teeth, they can rearrange the space between them too. Kids can also use a photo to create a replica of their dental structure.

Once the teeth are all set up, kids can now eat tasty snacks. The app offers slices of orange, apple, carrot, grape, and even a cookie. They can also grab a bite of the delicious-looking sandwich.

After taking two bites, a tooth brush (with tooth paste on it) will appear from the bottom left corner of the screen. As kids feed the mouth on screen with more food, the brush will creep up bit by bit. When the teeth are all grimy, the brush will start wiggling, enticing kids to brushing their teeth.

Because the app doesn’t include a Home button, there’s no way to escape the wiggling brush. Eventually, they will brush their teeth. When the teeth are all clean, the app will thank kids by showing them a grin, and playing a fun song.

Design your own teeth structure, and pull out the ones you don’t like.

Parents Need to Know

With Teeth is an app for all ages. Since there are no complicated controls, the app is playable by kids as young as one year old. The grow-eat-brush cycle is relatively short, but it has great replay value. Older kids can use the app to learn about the variation in tooth growth and development.

The delight in playing with this app is in the details. Because With Teeth offers a variety of tooth shapes, it should be able to capture a child’s imagination. For example, if your kids have siblings at home, it would be fun to ask them to mimic each other’s teeth structure using the app.

Your teeth will sing a song and grin a lovely shape to thank you for cleaning them.

Things I Like

With Teeth is fun to play with. It has catchy background music and silly sound effects, plus a simple gameplay that encourages kids to experiment with various teeth shapes and structure. They can, for example, arrange a tooth’s size, pull a tooth off, perform quick taps to quickly generate random teeth, and even spread the teeth to make spaces between them.

The app also implements creative methods to keep kids coming back. For example, there’s a catchy song at the end of each activity to encourage them to play another round. As written in the app’s listing, the developer aims for "kids to have fun while learning everyday life skills and developing their motor skills and coordination."

Brushing your teeth has never been this fun.


Duckie Deck With Teeth is a fun hygiene app for kids ages 1+ to learn about the importance of dental care. The app makes it easy to experiment with different teeth structure. The simple activity and catchy reward song persuade kids to replay the game until the message sticks.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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