Learn How to be a Firefighter in My Fire Station

Firefighter is a relatively well-known occupation to kids, often featured in movies and TV series. But, do kids really know what it’s like to become a firefighter?

If you have kids who are curious about firefighters and their activities, they’re going to appreciate this Chocolapps app called My Fire Station. Designed to be playable by kids ages 3+, the app offers an inside look of what it’s like to be a firefighter, including the moments when they are required to put out fires and save lives.

In My Fire Station, kids can role-play as firefighters and save lives.

Sign Yourself Up for Intense Firefighting

You start by picking the right outfit for the job. In the Captain’s office, you will find a wide variety of hats, shirts, pants, and shoes. Only after you get the right outfit will you be allowed to sign up to become a firefighter.

As a firefighter, you need to get yourself familiar with the firetruck. By visiting the garage, you learn about important parts of the firetruck, such as the firehose and the ladder. You will also find the pole that firefighters would use to quickly go to the garage when there’s a fire alarm.

The app allows you to practice your firefighting skills in two settings: the rural area and the city area. In the first scenario, you need to stop a forest fire. You even get to use a special plane to drop water bombs in areas unreachable by the firetruck. Don’t forget to pull the undergrown bush to prevent the fire from spreading.

In the second scenario, you need to save the inhabitants of a building on fire. You can use the ladder on the firetruck to save the inhabitants from the windows. Don’t forget to put out the fire in the buildings too.

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Parents Need to Know

Throughout the app, you can find a question mark switch on the top left corner of the screen. If you turn it on, you can tap on the question mark bubbles shown on screen. They will provide more information about firefighter-related stuff in this app. For example, you learn that you need to have fire extinguishers on each floor of any building.

Based on the gameplay mechanics, the app is easy enough for kids ages 3+ to play on their own. But, you may want to accompany them in reading the item description. On the other hand, if your kids are seven-year-olds or oder, they should be able to read the description on their own.

In the city fire scenario, players are asked to save the inhabitants from a building on fire.

Things I Like

My Fire Station is more than just putting out fire and saving lives. The app encourages you to observe your surroundings, and to concentrate on the tasks on hand. If you enjoy playing the missions, you can play them endlessly until you hit the Home button.

Throughout the app, you will find many conventional wisdoms related to fire safety. For example, you should never use elevators when there is a fire, and each building must have a fire evacuation map on each floor. Kids can also learn that smoke is as dangerous as the flames. In fact, it’s extremely toxic and deadly.

In the rural fire scenario, players can ask for a special plane to drop water bombs to extinguish fire in areas unreachable by the firetruck.


My Fire Station is a fun app for kids ages 3+ to role-play as firefighters. They can even practice their firefighting skills in two different fire scenarios. If you can accompany them to read the item description, they would learn a lot about fire safety too.

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