Kids Tilt and Race Toy Cars in Tizzy ZigZag Cars

My four-year-old loves to play tilt-based iPad racing games, such as Asphalt. He enjoys speeding up and making his car leap into the air. Unfortunately, a game like Asphalt is too serious for kids his age.

Today I’d like to highlight Tizzy Labs’ latest app, Tizzy ZigZag Cars, an intuitive racing game for kids ages 3+. Kids tilt their device to control their custom-built race cars on colorful race tracks.

Kids design their own racing cars in Tizzy ZigZag Cars.

Tizzy ZigZag Cars

The game begins with designing a custom car. Kids can choose a car body and a pair of wheels that suit their preferences. There are five different bodies, five big wheels, and five small wheels. Kids can even have one big wheel and one small wheel if they want to.

Once the car is ready, kids can choose among 15 race tracks. Each track has a specific theme, such as wooden toy, outer space, candies, sports, and the wild west.

Controlling the car is a matter of tilting the device left or right. Typically, the car would move downwards only, but it can also move upwards if it gains enough speed to climb the terrain. The goal is to reach the finish flag at the bottom of the race track, while collecting stars along the way.

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Parents Need to Know

Tizzy ZigZag Cars uses intuitive controls that make it accessible for kids ages 3 and up. Simply by tilting the device, kids can make their cars move down the track. If they tilt the device in one direction for a while, it will gain enormous speed. They can then let it run across a bump to make it jump high in the air.

It should be noted that tilting the device only slightly in one direction would make the car move slowly. If the car moves too slow and loses its momentum, it may be difficult to get it moving again. If your kids are stuck in this situation, you need to tap the return icon and restart the race.

Have fun with 15 different race tracks.

Things I Like

ZigZag Cars offers a fun playing experience for kids. It has neither scoring nor time limit, and kids can play at their own pace. It also encourages kids to explore. There are plenty of ways to find the finish line, and kids can always go back if they find a dead-end.

The tracks are designed to let kids learn about the basics of physics and gravity. They can learn how to increase speed, change direction, and even ride an elevator shaft.

Steer your car downwards and find the finish flag at the bottom of the race track.


Tizzy ZigZag Cars is a fun game for kids ages 3+ who loves to play racing games. Kids can design their own car and choose from 15 colorful race track. The game controls are intuitive, so kids should be able to navigate the app without difficulties.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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