Drive About: Number Neighborhood Lets Kids Have Fun while Exploring Early Math Concepts

We’re no strangers to Artgig Studio. The development team has proven their knack for developing some of the best math apps for kids, including our favorite Mystery Math series. Today, they are releasing a new math app, Drive About: Number Neighborhood. Designed with preschoolers in mind, the app teaches early numeracy through math-themed mini games set in a colorful town.

Drive About: Number Neighborhood encourages kids to explore the town and play fun math-themed games.

Drive, Sail, Dive, and Fly around the Neighborhood

At the beginning of the app, kids will see a map of the neighborhood. There are nine places to visit, each marked with a circle. To start playing, kids simply tap any of these circles.

For example, kids can tap on the 1/2/3 icon to play the Painting game where they match the numbers in the color palette with the ones on the coloring template. They can also tap the construction blocks to play an ordering game where they stack up blocks in order to turn on the lights.

Made for young kids, the games are simple and lighthearted. They are good for practicing a wide array of skills, including tracing, counting, ordering, solving addition problems, and recognizing numbers.

After completing each game, kids can drive about the neighborhood to visit other places. A blinking arrow denotes that they can tap on a place to play.

Besides a car, there are several other methods of transportation. At the pier, for example, kids can switch to a boat. They can also go underwater in a yellow submarine (Beatles reference, anyone?) to play the Catch-a-Sea Pickle game, in which they whack sea pickles that match a number. Exploring further, kids can even ride in an air balloon, and launch a rocket into the sky.

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Parents Need to Know

The mini games in Drive Around: Number Neighborhood can be played by kids ages 2+ on their own. The games are intuitive even without specific instructions; for example, in the Cloud Writing game it is clear that kids must trace the thin clouds to form a number.

Drive Around: Number Neighborhood supports localization in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian. The app will automatically detect your device’s language settings and use the appropriate language. The app doesn’t contain ads and in-app purchases.

Kids must perform basic addition to balance the see-saw.

Things I Like

Drive Around: Number Neighborhood is a fresh approach to learning about numbers. The colorful mini games effectively entertain kids while while reinforcing math skills. Some of the games that I find unique are Space Vacuum, in which kids clean up various space junk using a giant vacuum, and Whale Feeding, in which kids use a slinger to feed a friendly whale.

My personal favorite, however, is the See-Saw game. Here, kids are asked to find a combination of one or two animals whose sum of weight matches the weight of the animal on the other side of the see-saw.

Even though kids can find an animal with the same weight among the options, they can also find a pair of animals that would make the perfect combination. So, if your kids are starting to learn basic addition, this is the perfect game for them to practice their skills.

Drive Around: Number Neighborhood also includes a fun shape matching game.


Drive Around: Number Neighborhood is a delightful app for preschoolers to practice their early numeracy skills. The app encourages exploration, so kids can play the games in any order, and at their own pace. There is no punishment, no lengthy instruction, and no time limit.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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