Match & Play: Jobs Aims to Inspire Kids with 20 Professions

One of the activities my four-year-old son did at his kindergarten was to do a presentation about his dream job. He wanted to become a LEGO designer, mostly because he had been into playing LEGO bricks for a while. I wonder if he would choose a different dream job if he were exposed to other professions.

My app pick for today is a good example of what could inspire our kids to choose their future professions. Called Match & Play - Jobs, the brand new app from Chocolapps features 20 occupations such as pilot, musician, chef, archaeologist, chemist, and veterinarian.

Find three objects that do not belong to a profession in the Odd Ones Out.

Match & Play - Jobs

The app is divided into four mini games that kids can play in any order. The first one is called Odd Ones Out. Kids will see nine different objects and one profession. The task is to find three objects that don’t belong to that profession. For example, blackboard and school bag are objects that belong to a teacher, but flute and fishing rod are not.

In the second game called Pairs, you will see five professions and five or more objects. Your task is to associate the profession with an object. Because there are more objects than professions in a single challenge, you need to truly understand which object belongs to which profession.

In the last two games, you will need to find one object among many other that match the profession, and vice versa. In the The Missing Object game, you will be asked to find one correct object among 19 other, whereas in the Whose is This? game, you need to find the correct profession among seven other.

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Parents Need to Know

Match & Play - Jobs is a great way to introduce kids to new professions and new vocabularies. Kids can get acquainted to professions such a florist or a carpenter, and what tools or objects are needed to carry out the jobs.

The app has 20 professions and six objects for each profession. As such, kids can play with an (almost) endless permutation of the professions and objects. Not only will this provide a good amount of playtime, but it will also allow kids to really know the professions and objects.

Drag professions onto the associated objects.

Things I Like

The game mechanics in Match & Play - Jobs require players to do more than just associate objects with professions. They will also learn to exclude the impossibles and deduct the correct ones from the remaining possibilities. It’s a good way for kids ages 4+ to practice their logic and deduction skills.

The profession theme is also a good way to trigger discussion with your kids. I’m sure there are professions and objects that they’re unfamiliar with. If you spend some time playing the app with your kids, I’m sure you will see how it inspires them to learn more about these professions.

Find the correct profession among the nine options that can be associated with the object in question.


Match & Play - Jobs is a fun way for kids ages 4+ to learn about various professions that could be one of their dream jobs. In addition to introducing these professions and tools/objects associated with the professions, kids can also practice their logic and deduction skills. If you believe it’s important for your kids to know about these professions, you’d appreciate this app.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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