Peepo and the Unfinished Story Motivates Kids to Find Their Passions and Pursue Their Dreams

About seven months ago, I reviewed a quirky story about The Little Witch's adventures at a magic school. One of her friends is an elf named Peepo who is very eager to become a wizard.

Today, Slim Cricket, the developer of Little Witch apps, is releasing a brand new storybook starring Peepo as the main character. It’s called Peepo and the Unfinished Story, and it features 25 beautifully illustrated and interactive 3D pages.

The storyline follows Peepo the elf on a long journey to the king’s castle.

The Unfinished Storyline

The story starts with Peepo being summoned by the king. It’s strange, because Peepo is definitely not a hero; no one has ever had any need of him, and especially not the king. Despite his fear of going on a long (and possibly dangerous) adventure on his own, Peepo continues to march forward through a bewitched forest.

Along his journey to the king’s castle, Peepo encounters four unique (and seemingly unfinished) characters. The first one is a black and white dragon who can’t breathe fire, and needs the reader's help to color him. They do so by completing a phonics matching game.

Afterwards, you learn that the dragon must capture the princess in the king’s castle. But, he’s not excited about it, because he has a secret dream of his own: becoming a fireman.

The other characters that Peepo meets also seem forced to play their roles despite having a secret dream of their own. For example, there’s a prince who wears pink tights and wants to become a rock singer instead of wooing a royal princess. Another example is a queen who is forced to cast evil spells when all she wants is to become a matchmaker.

Peepo believes that nothing is the way it should be in this story. He believes there’s something wrong (or unfinished) with the story. Thus, it is up to the readers to help Peepo fix it.

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Parents Need to Know

Peepo and the Unfinished Story features six mini games, including the phonics matching game mentioned previously. In one game, readers participate in a musical rhythm game to help Prince Charming. In another, they help find the right syllables to complete Queen Toadella’s magic words.

Finishing the games flawlessly will allow readers to unlock surprises. Additionally, readers are also challenged to find the black slim cricket that shows up on some of the pages.

Peepo and the Unfinished Story is available in English and French. The total reading time for this story is about 30 minutes. Readers who enjoy the app can download games, paper cut-outs, and coloring pages from the the developer’s site.

Play rhythm-based musical game and other mini games in Peepo and the Unfinished Story.

Things I Like

Peepo and the Unfinished Story is a terrific tale that shows kids how we are not tied to a specific role, and that we are allowed to choose what we want to be. To emphasize its point, the story chooses an unlikely character that nobody ever needs, to become a hero that manages to “fix” the story.

The app actively involves the readers in the story; in one scene, Peepo tries to communicate with the reader as his/her face appears in a portal in the sky. Peepo also deliberately asks for the reader’s help when he’s troubled, such as when he’s too lazy to climb a mountain and lets the reader just drag him straight up instead.

The developers also poured many details into this app that make it enjoyable. On the Credits page, you will find Peepo reflecting on his journey throughout the story. Sitting through Peepo’s Credits screen to end, I couldn't help but look forward to his next adventure.

Nothing is the way it should be in this story. Can you help Peepo fix it?


Peepo and the Unfinished Story is a great storybook for kids ages 4+ to satisfy their cravings for fantastic adventures. The story also touches on dreams, passion, and bravery. I like how even though Peepo himself is not a hero, he would help other characters find their passions and pursue their dreams. It is a great way to discuss with your kids what their secret dreams are.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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