Slice Tropical Fruits and Learn Fractions in Fruity Fractions

Earlier this year, I reviewed a great puzzle game for kids ages 7+ to practice their knowledge of fractions. It was so enjoyable, I wished there existed another app that introduced these concepts to younger kids. Fortunately, the team at Lighthouse Learning contacted us about their latest app, Fruity Fractions. It’s a great way for younger kids to learn basic fraction concepts through a series of mini puzzles.

Fruity Fractions teaches the basic concepts of fractions to kids ages 6+.

Help the Greedy Parrots Share Their Tropical Fruits

Fruity Fractions takes place in a tropical jungle rich in tasty fruits. The story revolves around a bunch of greedy parrots trying to share the fruits fairly. If you want to help them, you need to learn fractions.

You start with the basic concept of a whole and a part, and how to divide one whole fruit into two or more equal slices. Then, throughout the 50 game levels, you will learn other concepts such as denominator and numerator. The difficulty level increases gradually as you complete each level.

In later stages, you may have to work with multiple fractions at the same time. The game will switch from the simple fill-in-the-blank problems to more complex fraction puzzles. You need to fully understand the concept before you can create divide the fruit slices equally.

The levels are well-designed to teach kids from the basics to much more complex fraction problems.

Parents Need to Know

The lessons included in Fruity Fractions are aligned with the Common Core Standards for third graders to learn about fractions. Juniors start by learning how a fraction is actually a part of a whole, and then grow that concept to solve puzzles.

Each problem includes instructional content and helpful hints to assist kids in learning new concepts and applying them to solve the problems. To keep kids interested, the developers includes story chapters between levels, about a poor tiny bird named Quip who is always left behind in fruit parties.

The way Fruity Fractions teaches denominator and numerator is intuitive enough for my four-year-old to understand.

Things I Like

I like how the difficulty level increases gradually as juniors progress through the game. There is enough repetition to strengthen the concepts, but not too much to keep them from progressing forward. I really like how the app allows juniors to rearrange their “solutions” until they hit submit, forcing them to think their solutions through rather than navigating by trial and error.

At later stages of the game, kids may even work with multiple fractions at the same time. They’re required to plot the fruit slices and the numbers so that they’re equal in value. It’s really not that trivial when there may be many unused extra slices and/or numbers.

At the later stages of the game, juniors may work with multiple fractions at the same time.


Fruity Fractions is a great app for juniors ages 6+ to learn the basic concepts of fractions. Through 50 levels of fun gameplay, juniors can learn everything about fractions, from part vs. whole concept to numerator vs. denominator. The lessons are even intuitive enough for my four-year-old to understand the first half of the app.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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