Explore Toca Town and Tell Your Own Stories

Have your kids ever wondered where all Toca Boca inhabitants live? Well, they can wonder no more. In Toca Boca’s latest toy app, Toca Town, kids explore the bright world where old and new Toca characters dwell, and even take part in their everyday lives.

Staying true to Toca Boca’s no-rule philosophy, kids get to decide what life should look like in Toca Town. They can visit the park, go shopping at the grocery store, do time at the police station, dine at the restaurant, or lounge at home and call up some friends to hang out with.


In Toca Town, kids can tell their own stories.

Experiment with Everything

Toca Town has a town map that depicts all the places kids can visit: park, grocery store, police station, restaurant, as well as a house and an apartment. Kids simply tap the place they want to visit, and the app will take them there.

Once they’ve arrived at the selected location, kids can explore their surroundings by tapping and dragging to either sides. There are plenty of things to see for each setting, and even the smallest location, the apartment, is wider than what the iPad screen can display.

Additionally, each place has one or more characters to play with. Kids can drag these characters around, put various objects in their hands, and even feed them. They can also invite other characters to visit by tapping on the yellow waving icon on the bottom right corner.

As the rulers of Toca Town, kids are given the freedom to explore the app as they like. They can experiment immovable objects such as the window blinds, the radio, and the lights. They can drag the characters around, have them sit on the couch, sleep on the bed, or even perform their business in the toilet.

Interestingly though, many of the possible actions in Toca Town still make sense despite the app having no rules. For example, kids’ redesigned apartment will stay that way when they come back to it after visiting the other locations. Another good example is how characters keep holding on to the objects put in their hands even when they are called someplace else. And because these characters are not omnipresent, they won’t be at their original location once they’ve been invited elsewhere.

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Parents Need to Know

Toca Town is a great way for kids ages 3+ to play and learn with different parts of a typical town. You can use it to encourage your kids to tell their own stories, a different one each time, that involve the characters, objects, and locations.

For example, you can start your story from the house where a family of four lives. You can wake the kids early to get ready for their picnic in the park, go to the grocery store, pick up some items, and cook in the restaurant’s kitchen. Once everything is set up, you can invite your family to attend the picnic.

Note that everything is customizable. You can even start the day as a family of five or more. You can invite others, even the police officers, to attend your picnic.

You can also dress up the characters in wigs and hats, or set up the locations for different scenarios. For example, you can make it so a thief enters an apartment and steals some things before getting caught by the police officers and put behind bars.


Toca Town has six locations to explore, opening up the possibility to tell many kinds of stories.

Things I Like

Toca Town has a lot to offer for kids who love to explore and discover new things on their own. The town is filled with surprises waiting to be uncovered: familiar characters playing hide-and-seek at the park, a toy capsule machine that gives out random toys at the grocery store, a black laptop that teaches kids bits of programming, and still many more.

If kids are up for it, they can also move things around and redesign both the apartment. Massive makeovers are easier if they pick up some baskets from the grocery store -- these are great for transferring a lot of small items at once. Put the baskets in one character’s hands, and call him/her up from one place to another to quickly move things around.

One convenient feature is the reset button. If kids ever want to return things to their default settings, they can simply tap the reload button on the top right corner of the Town Map screen.


In Toca Town, you can move things around from one location to another as you’re moving the characters.


Toca Town is a great toy app for kids ages 3+ to experiment and tell their own stories. With 21 different characters, six locations, and hundreds of items, the possibilities are (almost) infinite. It’s a great way to see how your kids would imagine their ideal world. It’s a place where they rule.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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