Kids Learn About Basic Shapes in Mr. Fox and Shapes

Recognizing shapes is one of the earliest skills that toddlers will learn. By the age of three, most kids will be able to recognize many shapes around them. There are many ways to teach toddlers about shapes — one of them is through apps. We have quite the selection of shape-recognition apps on the blog, and today I’m going to add one more to that list: Mr. Fox and Shapes.

Drag the shapes to their respective outlines to complete the scene

Shape Up

Created by parents Edit and Alex, Mr. Fox and Shapes is a cute app that offers seven shape-based mini games. The aim is to help toddlers learn and recognize basic shapes, as well as develop fine motor skills and improve hand-eye coordination.

The games are split into two parts. The first part contains three scene-building activities where kids piece together a ship, space rocket, and circus tent. The second part contains the other four games: two games based on shape-matching, find the missing shape, and a musical toy.

In the scene-building activities, kids simply drag the shapes from the left-hand side to match their respective outlines on the right. The app mixes a variety of basic shapes such as circle, rectangle, and trapezoid to form real-world objects. When the object is completed, the scene will come to life with adorable animations and sound effects.

The two shape-matching games work similarly, but provide different outcomes. The first matching game, distinguished by a smiling sun, sees kids dragging just one shape that matches the given outline. The shape then transforms into an animal or an object. The second matching game, distinguished by a heart, tasks kids with choosing which of the available outlines matches the given shape on the left-hand side.

The game where kids must find the missing shape is marked with a flower. Here, the app provides kids with a picture made entirely of shapes, with one piece missing. The goal is to pick which shape on the left-hand side fits that space.

The last game is a musical one. Kids are shown an array of shapes that, when tapped, produce musical notes. The shapes are arranged randomly though, so it doesn’t play exactly like a piano. Kids can also shake their device to rearrange the shapes.

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Parents Need to Know

All the games included in Mr. Fox and Shapes are intuitive to play despite having no narration or written instructions at all. This works well for kids ages two and above. It should be noted that the app does not provide the names of the shapes as the developers intended for the parents to accompany their kids as they play.

Like most apps for toddlers, the app doesn’t implement a timer or scoring system. Kids can take their time to complete the activities as they please. The app also randomizes the shapes that appear in the activities to prevent kids from getting bored.

If you are keen to try Mr. Fox and Shapes, please note that the app is available in two versions. The iPad version, distinguished by an “HD” in its name, is the version I tested for this review. It contains all the games I described in the previous section.

The iPhone version is, as you might guess, made for smaller screens. It excludes the scene building activities, presumably for usability reasons.

Both iPad and iPhone versions do not contain in-app purchases and third-party ads.

Find which outline matches the shape

Things I Like

Mr. Fox and Shapes is a bright app suitable for toddlers. Visually, the app is appealing. The graphics are colorful, the animations funny, and the characters adorable.

The activities themselves are engaging and tactile. I like how the app offers both instruction-based games and free exploration activities. I think both are useful in helping kids have fun while learning to recognize various shapes.

The activity I like most is the shape-matching game where you drag a single shape to see it become a part of an object. The app has a pool of objects to choose from, so you’ll get different results every time. My favorite is the triangle that turns into an alien, although the semi-circle that turns into a girl’s dress is cute too.

In Mr. Fox and Shapes, kids learn to recognize basic shapes through simple but engaging activities


Mr. Fox and Shapes is an adorable app that includes seven shape-based mini games to help kids recognize basic shapes such as circle, square, triangle, trapezoid, star, and heart. The colorful graphics and silly sound effects engage kids to play. The balanced mix of instruction-based games and free-play activities allow room for some fun and imagination. Overall, it’s a great app for preschoolers who are only beginning to learn about shapes.

Mr. Fox and Shapes is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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