Enjoy Three Exciting Puzzle Adventures in StoryToys' Awesome Collection

If you have been following our reviews, you’re probably familiar with StoryToys and their terrific 3D pop-up storybooks. Today I’d like to highlight their latest bundle called The Awesome Collection. The bundle consists of three exciting puzzle adventures from StoryToys: Haunted House, Grimm’s Puss in Boots, and The Jungle Book. Since we have published our reviews on the other two storybooks, I’d like to share a bit about The Jungle Book.

The story of Mowgli is one of the three stories you can enjoy in this Awesome Collection from StoryToys.

Meet Mowgli the Young Man Cub

The Jungle Book revolves around the story of Mowgli, a young orphan adopted by a pack of wolves. Despite being hunted by Shere Khan the Tiger since the adoption, many of the jungle habitants prefer Mowgli to live with the wolves family. That’s why he’s also referred to as the young man cub.

Throughout his child life, the wolves were not the only ones who taught Mowgli the life skills he needed to survive in the tropical jungle. Baloo the Bear and Bagheera the Panther also help to become his teacher and mentor. Even Kaa the Great Snake is always around to help Mowgli whenever he gets into trouble.

The storybook follows Mowgli and his adventure until he’s ready to take on the human civilization on his own. Similar to other StoryToys storybooks, you will find various activities and mini games that can enhance your reading experience. For example, you will help Mowgli to pick out the thorns on the wolves’ feet and the bugs on their furry hair.

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Quotations from Our Previous Reviews

If you want a brief overview of the other two stories, here are some pull quotes from our review of Grimm’s Puss in Boots:

"It is worth noting that unlike the other Puss in Boots app that we’ve reviewed before, the app is pretty faithful to the original storyline. However, it does leave out some gory details to keep the story cheerful and kid-friendly."

And, here are some quotes from our review of Haunted House:

"Haunted Horror is not a storybook, instead it is a collection of activities and mini games packaged inside a 3D pop-up book. It was designed for juniors ages 4-6 to celebrate Halloween with mini games."

The Awesome Collection also includes updated jigsaw puzzles and 3D sticker books for all three stories.

Parents Need to Know

The initial version of Puss in Boots we reviewed didn’t have the jigsaw puzzles and 3D sticker books now common in new StoryToys apps. But, the developers have been working hard to bring the features parity to all their earlier storybook apps, so both the standalone version and this bundle version now have these activities.

The app bundle version contains 36 jigsaw puzzles with four difficulty levels and up to 30 pieces. All books are available in French, German, and Spanish in addition to English. The app also has excellent reading options, providing both Read to Me (narrated) and Read it Myself modes.

The stories are simple enough for early readers to read on their own.


The Awesome Collection is a nice bundle of three puzzle adventure storybooks from StoryToys, updated to include jigsaw puzzles and 3D sticker books. Purchasing them as a bundle is less expensive than getting them as separate apps. If you’ve been holding out on buying any of these books, now is the right time.

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