Play Endless Running Game and Learn about Clean Water in Get Water

Did you know that half of all schools in the world don’t have ready access to clean drinking water? And, did you know that, in Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours every year just to get water?

I have to be honest and say that I hadn’t known any of these sad facts before I played Get Water game from Fingerprint Network. It’s a brand new endless running game about collecting clean water, made specially for kids.

Get Water is an endless running game for kids, built around the theme of collecting clean water.

Help Maya Collect Clean Water

The game revolves around Maya, a young girl who lives in an area with a severe water problem. Even though Maya likes going to school, she’s forced to spend a large portion of her time collecting clean water instead.

Throughout the game, you will help Maya collect clean water drops into her water pot. Maya will continuously run unless she runs into flying turtles, naughty monkeys, or pesky peacocks, at which point her water pot breaks and the game stops.

To help Maya gather clean water and avoid obstacles, you tap and drag your finger on the screen to create a blue line. Maya will try to follow the blue line by running on top of it. If the line ends, she will fall and run on the ground instead. To pick her up you need to draw the blue line from her feet on the ground and create a curved line heading upwards.

If you encounter peacocks or monkeys, you can tap them to activate Maya’s boomerang and knock them down. Unfortunately, the boomerang doesn’t work on the flying turtles -- you must avoid these at all costs.

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Parents Need to Know

Similar to other endless running game, Get Water can become addictive. It’s intuitive for kids ages 4+ to play on their own, but provides fun challenges for parents who love to play casual games.

The game is organized into 10 chapters that you unlock by collecting enough water drops. Each time you unlock a new chapter, you may also encounter a new fact related to clean water. For example, did you know that 75% of all schools in the world don’t have bathrooms? Facts like these certainly help to raise awareness of the importance of water charity among young minds.

Similar to other endless runners, you can equip skills and supplies to enhance your playing experience.

Things I Like

Even though the game mechanics are relatively simple, Get Water is a fun and challenging game. There are skills and supplies to customize your playing experience. For example, Hyper Hydration is a skill that lets you convert each water drop from +1 to +3, whereas Waterpot Shell is a supply that protects your water pot from one hit.

You unlock these skills and supplies as you complete each chapter. Each time you play the game, you can equip up to two skills and one supply from your unlocked skills and supplies. Depending on your playing style, you may prefer some skills/supplies over the others.

Unlock new chapters, skills, supplies, and facts as you complete the challenges.


Get Water by Fingerprint Network is a fun and challenging endless running game for kids ages 4+. More than a way to pass the time, the game aims to raise awareness of the importance of water charity among young minds. You should definitely give this game a try.

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