Pango Hide and Seek Gets Kids Exploring Thematic Worlds to Find Pango

One of the most popular casual gaming genres is the hidden objects game. I myself am a fan of this genre; in fact, Eric and I have reviewed several great hidden objects games in the past.

Today, I’m going to review another hidden objects game that recently caught my attention: Pango Hide and Seek. Released by Studio Pango, it’s playful game made specially for kids ages 3–6.

Kids try to find the hidden Pango in Pango Hide and Seek

Let’s Find Pango

The goal in Pango Hide and Seek is to find Pango the blue raccoon in various locations, which range from an underground gem mine to outer space. Additionally, hidden alongside Pango are three items: a key, a heart, and a clover.

The game’s appeal lies in its ability to play off kids’ natural curiosity. Each level is packed with a vast array of interactive items; tapping on these will reveal mini animations or silly sound effects. In the level set on the African savannah, for example, kids can tap on the lion to see and hear it roar, on the trees to hear bongo drums, and on rocks to lift them up.

A stress-free game, Pango Hide and Seek does not enforce time limit. Kids can spend as much time as they like exploring each level’s nooks and crannies until they find Pango. When a level ends, they are given the option to replay the level or move on to the next one.

The app has a total of 15 levels that increase in difficulty. There is also a bonus level that will be unlocked once all “normal” levels have been won (i.e., Pango has been found). In this special bonus level set underwater, kids are tasked to find not only Pango, but also his friends Piggy, Fox, Rabbit, and Squirrel.

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Parents Need to Know

Pango Hide and Seek is a simple and straightforward app. To play, kids simply tap on the big Play button and select any level they want. All the levels are unlocked from the get go except for the bonus level. The game doesn’t contain text (save for the congratulatory screen), making it suitable for non-readers.

An interesting feature is that the app supports multitouch, so multiple kids (or adults) can work together on the same device to solve a level. This makes Pango Hide and Seek suitable for play dates or family activity time.

Pango Hide and Seek is also free of ads and in-app purchase. Parents can follow a link to subscribe to Studio Pango’s newsletter, but only after solving a complicated mathematical equation.

Pango has hidden himself well among a vast array of interactive items

Things I Like

Pango Hide and Seek is a delightful game filled with many interesting interactions. Each scene has been cleverly crafted, and is a joy to explore. Uncovering tiny animations become a reward in itself, so much so that finding Pango feels like a secondary mission.

My favorite scene is the one set in a busy traffic. Here, you can tap to change the traffic light, and make the cars stop or move along. You can also tap on each car window to reveal the passengers, and maybe Pango, inside.

Additionally, I like how the levels increase in difficulty. The middle to last levels are challenging even for adults, making this game truly suitable for all ages. The fact that Pango and the three hidden items are randomly placed every time give the game high replay value.

Can you find where Pango is hiding?


Pango Hide and Seek is a delightful hide and seek game for all ages. Playing off the player’s natural curiosity, the app provides 15 unique levels packed with tons of tiny interactions. The levels increase in difficulty, and latter levels are challenging even for adults. Multitouch support makes it possible to play the game with friends. If your family enjoys playing hidden objects games, then you should not miss this app.

Pango Hide and Seek is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

App was provided for our honest review.

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