My Incredible Body Lets Kids Explore Their Body Anatomy

I still remember how I learned about human anatomy when I was in junior high. We used a 3D full body skeleton model in the science lab to complement our textbooks. Nowadays, both the textbook and the skeleton model can be replaced with iBooks and apps on the iPad.

If your kids are curious about how their body work, they will appreciate My Incredible Body. It’s designed to let you explore your body in a stunning 3D model on the iPad.

My Incredible Body lets you explore your anatomy accompanied by kids-friendly facts.

Look Inside Yourself

In My Incredible Body, kids can take a guided tour inside their own body. They can zoom and spin to take a closer look at the nervous system and internal organs, displayed in stunning graphics. The app contains eight chapters that cover topics ranging from the digestion system to the blood circulation system.

All the chapters include a guided tour mode where kids can pick up facts about the important points in the body. For example, while exploring the human brain they can learn the difference between cerebrum and cerebellum.

Most chapters include a 3D visual ride, which makes it seem like kids are riding a roller coaster through the nervous and digestion systems. They can also stop at each important point and look around. For example, while learning about the urinary system, they can stop by the kidney and examine how the blood is brought in and out by the different arteries/veins.

Some of the chapters also include a 3D animated video to help kids learn other accompanying details. For example, while learning about the respiratory system they can watch how the smell of flowers are translated into proper signals in the brain.

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Parents Need to Know

My Incredible Body includes diverse contents that cover most important body parts including the skeleton, muscles, and blood vessels. Kids can also learn how the sensory system works; for example, how the eyes pick up colors.

The app is designed for older kids (ages 9+). That said, my young sons really enjoyed the 3D visual rides. Older kids should be able to read the facts on their own, or listen to the included narration.

As you take the 3D visual ride, you can stop any time to take a look at important details.

Things I Like

My Incredible Body is fun to play with. It’s highly visual, informative, and easy to manipulate. Curious kids will enjoy exploring the app, as it helps them experiment, experience, and discover new things.

I like that the app serves contents in various ways to reinforce the concepts. Kids can, for example, go on a self-guided tour or play a jigsaw puzzle of the brain.

My Incredible Body has eight chapters and plenty of contents within each of them.


My Incredible Body is the perfect example of what makes the iPad a great learning tool for kids. It’s able to provide an immersive learning experience at a low cost. If your kids are curious to about their body, My Incredible Body is a must-have. I learned more about my body through this app than through the textbooks I read in junior high.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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