Foodo Kitchen Lets Kids Get Creative in the Kitchen

If you’ve been reading our site for a while, you probably know that we have reviewed several baking apps for kids in the past. Yet, my pick for today is special. Called Foodo Kitchen, this app is both realistic and fun. It knows exactly which parts need to be simplified and which ones should be made as detailed as possible for its intended audience.

Foodo Kitchen lets kids bake and decorate cakes for hungry monsters

When Monsters Invade Your Cake Shop

One night, a gang of hungry monsters come to visit the Foodo Kitchen. They’re really keen to try the cakes and donuts sold in the shop. As the shop owner, you’d want to serve them as you would other customers. Keep in mind that each monster has a specific preference that you need to satisfy.

You start by making the perfect dough. The left drawer of your baking table has all the ingredients you need, such as flour, milk, and eggs. Mix them anywhere on the table, and in any order, before rolling them up to make your dough.

Once the dough is ready, you will be given a key to open the right drawer. In this drawer, you can find all kinds of shapes. Simply choose the one that matches what the monster wants.

Next, you put the cake/donut inside the oven. Interestingly, to turn the oven on you have to play a memory mini game first. Pull the lever once to see a combination of colors, and tap each button on the oven to toggle the colors. If you forget the color combination, you can pull the lever again.

Once your cake/donut is out of the oven, you can decorate it with toppings and accessories. You can also unlock more accessories later as you create more cakes.

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Parents Need to Know

Foodo Kitchen is the first app from Tutu Lab, a brand new software development team in Poland. The app is intuitive enough for kids ages 2+ to play on their own. If you prefer providing your kids with realistic facts about baking, this app is quite accurate, at least about the basic ingredients used to make the dough.

You can also use Foodo Kitchen to teach kids the basics of running a cake shop. They can learn to make their cakes with love and care, and provide the best service for their customers. They also subtly learn about investing their earnings to grow their business while baking more cakes to unlock new toppings and accessories.

Each monstrous customer has its cake preferences

Things I Like

I like how this app is quite detailed in its presentation. Sometimes there are rats running around the bakery, which I dislike, but I can use these moments to discuss with my kids how important it is for businesses to pay attention to hygiene issues.

I also like how the app gives rewards for long-time players. As kids make more cakes, they can unlock new items. They can keep track of these unlocked items and their progress from the recipe gallery, and be motivated to create more cakes so they can play with their new items.

Kids must play a memory mini-game to turn on the oven


Foodo Kitchen is a fun creativity app that teaches kids how to make a cake from scratch. The app promotes creativity by letting kids decorate their cakes with various toppings before serving them to their customers. It’s beautifully made, featuring an intuitive user interface and gorgeous, hand-drawn illustrations. Overall, the app is great fun for kids ages 2+. Highly recommended.

Foodo Kitchen is available for iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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