Labo Car Designer Lets Kids Build Their Dream Toy Cars

Young boys tend to love playing with toy cars; some would even try to collect all variants of Hot Wheels. If your boys also love toy cars, they’re going to love my app pick for today: Labo Car Designer.

Create your own dream toy cars with Labo Car Designer.

Draw, Customize, Decorate and Drive Your Toy Cars

Labo Car Designer lets you draw your own dream car, either from scratch or by using one of the many templates provided within the app. Starting from scratch means you start with a blank canvas and a set of two wheels. Starting from a template means you draw mimicking the gray lines on the canvas, which will disappear once you complete the drawing.

You can use 16 different colors to draw the outline of your dream car. These are not meant for painting, though -- you can find three different paint brushes to do that in the next step.

Once you have painted your car, you can decorate it with different types and sizes of tires, stickers, and lights. You also unlock more accessories as you create more cars and play with them.

The best part of creating the cars is the chance to drive them to a fun scenery. The app allows you to drive on 20+ roads and terrains, and in four weather modes: day, night, rain, and snow.

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Parents Need to Know

Every vehicle you create using Labo Car Designer is saved in the garage. Whenever you want to drive them, just go to the main menu and tap on the garage icon on the top right corner. You can save an unlimited number of vehicles, so feel free to run wild with your creations.

Labo Car Designer contains very few text, so non-readers should be able to navigate the app easily. It does not contain ads or in-app purchases.

Drive your toy cars in 20+ terrains in four different weather modes.

Things I Like

Labo Car Designer is a great toy app for kids ages 4+ to unleash their creativity by drawing their dream cars. Some of the templates are quite imaginative; for example, you can create shopping carts and cars shaped like a pencil. The wacky examples might inspire kids to attach wheels to basically anything, including bathtubs and pirate ships.

Additionally, the app shows kids that cars come in different forms. They can learn what makes a racing car different from a normal car, or what makes a truck different from a double-decker bus.

Another thing that I like about this app is the inclusion of different weather modes. Driving your custom-designed toy car is great, but being able to drive it through the night is even better. My four-year-old loves to drive his toy cars in the snow because the scenery is foreign to him. (We live in a tropical country.)

Start from scratch or use one of many vehicle templates built into the app.


Labo Car Designer is a fun toy app for kids ages 4+ to create their own dream toy cars. It includes 20+ templates to help younger kids start their creation, plus a handful of accessories to decorate their cars. Kids can also drive their creations through various terrains and weather modes. All the cars they’ve created are saved, so they can come back and play with them any time.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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