Inspired by Matryoshka Dolls, GeoMatry Lets Kids Match and Nest Shapes

Earlier this year, I have reviewed two apps from Fernando Pires: TapTapToink and Word Teller for Kids. As an indie developer, he has been very productive in creating great apps for kids. In fact, a few days ago he just released a new app called GeoMatry: Matching and Nesting Shapes, which aims to help kids ages 3+ recognize, manipulate, and build geometric objects.

In GeoMatry, kids are challenged to fit one shape into another to form a larger shape.

Nesting Shapes a la Matryoshka Dolls

The design of GeoMatry was inspired by the matryoshka doll (also known as Russian nesting dolls), which is a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other. In GeoMatry, you are required to fit shapes one inside the other to complete the puzzles.

GeoMatry has a total of 40 mini puzzles with increasing difficulty levels. The early stages of the app are designed to familiariaze you with the puzzle mechanics. Each puzzle consists of three to four 2D shapes, which you combine into a single shape. Even though you can fit in any two compatible shapes in any order, I’d recommend you always start with the smallest ones.

To combine two compatible shapes, simply drag the smaller shape into the larger one. Repeat this process until you have a single shape. In later stages, you may also need to rotate and/or enlarge the shapes before they can be fit into one another.

In later stages of the app, players need to rotate and resize the shapes so they will fit into one another.

Parents Need to Know

The puzzles in GeoMatry are not locked; you can navigate to the next puzzle without solving the current one. However, the app will automatically move you to the next puzzle once the current one is solved. To replay the puzzle you just solved, just tap the back button.

In this initial version of the app, there’s no way to exit to the Home Screen. If you want to stop playing, simply hit the Home button on your iPad.

The early puzzles in this app are relatively straightforward, and you can easily figure out which shape would fit the other. You can also start from either the large shapes or the small ones.

The puzzles in the later stages, however, force you to play according to the small-to-large sequence. Sometimes, it’s not clear how they would fit the larger shape because they need to be rotated or enlarged first.

Initially, the app will automatically rotate, enlarge, or even add a new shape once you nest the smallest shapes first. However, the final puzzles will require you to explicitly tap the rotate and/or enlarge buttons to manipulate the shapes.

Don’t worry how the puzzles may seem unsolvable, just work your way up from the smaller shapes to the larger ones. The app may assist you in miraculous ways.

Things I Like

GeoMatry is a fun game that encourages kids to think out of the box. The game mechanic is simple, but at the same time challenging. Some puzzles really force kids to use their problem solving skills, especially when rotation/resizing shapes is involved.

In the later stages of the app, kids need to apply the needed geometrical transformations manually. There is even one puzzle where the app throws in an extra, unnecessary rotation button. I think this is a great way to verify whether your kids have truly understood the basic concepts.

Not all buttons need to be used, so choose wisely.


GeoMatry is an excellent geometry-themed puzzles app for kids ages 3+ to recognize how one shape may fit into another. It’s also a great way for kids to imagine how one thing may look differently after a geometrical transformation is applied to it.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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