Recycle, Upcycle, and Have Fun Creating Toys in Duckie Deck Trash Toys

I still remember how my four-year-old Philip won third place in a parent-child recycling competition at his kindergarten. We built a toy robot from unused things in my car. He enjoyed the activity so much.

Today, Duckie Deck is releasing a brand new app called Trash Toys that lets juniors recycle, upcycle, and create their own toys from trash. The app tries to teach juniors to care more about the environment while having fun and exercising their creativity.

Create your own toys from unused things in Duckie Deck Trash Toys.

From Trash to Toys

To make a toy, first you select an item to use as the body form. Nine options are available, including a plastic jar, an old CD, and a milk carton. You then put the item of your choice on top of a big sheet of paper so you can start painting it.

The app offers six different colors, which you use like a spray paint. Simply drag and hold the can above the item to form various shapes or patterns.

Once you’ve completed your paint job, you can start adding various bits to decorate your new toy. There are four drawers of decorative items that you can choose from: eyes, nose and mouth, hands and feet, and hair. You can find many items such as buttons, paper clips, hair clips, tooth brushes, old keys, short pencils, erasers, small combs, and even plastic utensils.

Drag an item from the drawer to put on top of your toy. You can drag any placed item to move them, or drag one of its end to rotate it. Once you’re finished with your creation, you can take a snapshot of it, and save it to your Camera Roll. Then, you’re off to create your next toy.

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Parents Need to Know

Trash Toys includes neither text nor instructions, it’s but is intuitive enough for kids ages 2+ to figure out and play on their own. The app includes various items that many kids should already be familiar with, allowing them to be more imaginative with their creations.

Trash Toys is a great way to start instilling the importance of upcycling, recycling, and restoring. It’s also pretty simple to replicate in real life, so you can use it as an inspiration for kick starting a positive habit.

You’re not limited to robot or other human-like toys. Be creative!

Things I Like

Trash Toys is a fun app that kids can easily get into. Even Philip’s two-year-old brother, Noah, can already use the app to create his own toys. The app lets both of my sons unleash their imagination and come up with stories about their toys.

Trash Toys allows kids to come up with an endless number of creations. There are also no rules to what they have to build in the app. I’d love to know what your kids are creating with this app.

Get inspired and start your own parent-child recycling weekend at home.


Duckie Deck Trash Toys is fun app that lets juniors ages 2+ create toys from unused things found around the house. It helps them learn about upcycling, recycling, and caring for the environment. It also inspires parents to set up a parent-child recycling weekend at home.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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