Eggy Subtract to 20 Lets Kids Practice Their Subtraction Skills in Six Fun Games

I still remember how I learned addition and subtraction when I was in the second grade. I originally thought that a four-year-old like my son Philip is too young to learn subtraction, but a recent feedback from his kindergarten teacher said otherwise. Apparently, they’re starting to teach the basics to juniors ages 4–5.

If your juniors are also learning subtraction, you’re going to appreciate Eggy Subtract to 20. It’s the latest addition to the Reading Eggs series, which consists of early math and reading apps.

Put the apple into the correct funnel to yield the apple pie that matches the number on Granny’s bag.

The Mini Games

Eggy Subtract to 20 consists of six mini games. The first one is called The Grannies. In this game, you try to figure out which funnel your numbered apple should be inserted to produce a number matching the one on Granny’s bag. For example, to produce an apple pie with the number 3, you need to put the apple numbered nine into the funnel numbered -6, because 9 - 6 = 3.

The next two games lets you practice basic subtraction skills by figuring out the outcome of an equation. For example, in the second game called Monsters, you feed a number of monsters with the correct cupcakes that solve the equations on their respective plates. Then, in the Snowboarder game, you slide the snowboarder left/right to collect flags that bear the equations that yield the target number.

The latter half of the app consists of more challenging games. For example, in the Dr. Shock game, you’re asked to complete a 3×3 addition table where the last column and row are the result of adding the other two numbers on each column/row. To figure out the missing numbers, you need to perform one or more subtractions.

The last two games use popular matching game mechanics: match-three and memory. In the Teddy game, you need to find two adjacent numbered gems whose difference matches the requested number. In the Memory game, you’re asked to match two tiles based on their values, where one of the pair consists of a subtraction equation instead of a single number.

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Parents Need to Know

Each activity in this app has either two or three levels; the higher the level, the more challenging the games. This makes the app appealing to a wider range of audience: kids ages 4-7.

As you play the games, you can also unlock Mashies, cute characters that hatch from reward eggs. There are 15 different mashies that you can collect through all the levels of the games.

Work your way backwards and use subtractions to find the missing numbers in the 3×3 addition table.

Things I Like

I like how the Dr. Shock and Teddy games are designed. In the Dr. Shock game, you’re playing three phases of seven 3×3 boards. After completing each 7-board phase, the game becomes more challenging as the number of empty spaces on the board increases. It forces juniors to think strategically and work backwards to solve the board.

The Teddy game has a basic mechanic: find two adjacent numbers whose difference matches the specified number. Yet, the game has a brilliant mechanic built into it. Instead of trying to figure out which adjacent numbers fit the spec, you can swipe a row or column across the screen to rotate the numbers and realign them to fit the spec. In fact, the best way to play this game is to work structurally and construct all the equations that match the spec. For example, if the required number is 7, you realign the numbers such that you have these pairs: 8-1, 9-2, 10-3, etc.

Slide the numbers and construct an adjacent pair whose difference matches the required number.


Eggy Subtract to 20 is a great math app for juniors ages 4+ to practice their subtraction skills. Through six subtraction-themed games, juniors can explore different ways to implement their skills instead of merely completing subtraction equations.

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