1000 Adventures Wants Kids to Reimagine Life as Fantastic Adventures

When you’re a kid, every day is an adventure: the floor is a lava, the noises in your closet are monsters, the elderly lady at the end of the street is secretly a witch. You can even have a thousand adventures every day, just like in DADA Company’s latest interactive storybook, 1000 Adventures.

1000 Adventures encourages kids to imagine

A Mind Full of Magic

1000 Adventures is an original story that celebrates imagination and exploration. It revolves around a young boy who, at the start of the app, wakes up and declares that he is going to have 1,000 adventures that day.

Indeed, on each page that follows suit, we see how the boy’s remarkable imagination enables him to transform his ordinary routines into fantastic adventures. His visit to his parents’ bedroom becomes a trip to a wild jungle, playtime at the park becomes a fight against a dragon, and chores become an escape to the banks of the Nile River to feed a hungry crocodile.

The beauty of the app is that kids take part in making these transformations happen. Each scene starts out in the real world, but as kids tap on various objects, it begins to change into its interactive counterpart.

There are numerous objects hidden on each page, and a counter at the top left shows how many are left to find. Once the scene has been completely transformed, kids can tap on each object to see it briefly return to its real form.

In total, the book includes 12 beautiful scenes by Sebastiá Serra. Each scene also comes with tailored background music and sound effects, which further emphasize the fantasy theme.

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Parents Need to Know

1000 Adventures is an engaging story that will suit kids ages 3–6. It has a single reading mode, narrated by an expressive, child-like voice. It does not yet have a word highlighting feature.

Security-wise, parents would be happy to know that the app does not contain ads or in-app purchases. It does show the developer’s other apps and links to their social media, but you can’t access them from within the app.

Kids transform each scene into its imaginative counterparts by tapping on various objects

Things I Like

1000 Adventures is a prime example how digital books can provide a unique experience that physical books can’t. Throughout the story, kids not only watch as the young protagonist imagines his regular surroundings as fantastic settings, but also take part in transforming them. Objects are accompanied by puffy smoke and sound effects as they change into their imaginative forms, adding a bit of magic to the experience.

The storyline itself is also entertaining. I like that it depicts everyday routines that kids can easily relate to, such as going to school, doing their homework, and completing chores. The illustrations are all lovely and detailed; I particularly like the one that shows the father participating in household work. Finally, custom-tailored music and sound effects complete the adventure.

Daily routines become fantastic adventures in the young boy’s mind


1000 Adventures is a solid interactive storybook that encourages kids to run with their imagination. Kids will find delight in transforming the young protagonist’s daily routines into fantastic adventures, such as learning about dinosaurs or fighting off dragons. A child-like narrator and original music accompanies them as they explore each of the 12 interactive scenes, creating a fun reading experience.
5 Camila Amanda Apr 24, 2014
1000 Adventures is available for iPhone/iPad.
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