Make Your Own Mini Monsters in Sago Mini Monsters

Last year, I reviewed a fun digital toy app called Sago Mini Bug Builder. It’s a fun activity app that lets juniors create their own colorful bugs. You can’t ever tell what the bug would look like or how many eyes it would have, so the app was filled with surprises.

Today, Sago Sago is releasing a brand new app that I’d consider a sequel to Bug Builder. Called Sago Mini Monsters, the app allows juniors to make their own cute mini monsters.

Create your own cute mini monsters in Sago Mini Monsters.

From Slime to Camera Roll

You start the monster-making process by swiping up a floating monster’s head out of a pile of slime. You will notice that the newly awaken monster is quite bland.

Similar to Bug Builder, you can decorate the monster using up to five colors from the palette. You can fill its body with a solid color, or draw a unique pattern on it. When you’re ready, tap the checkmark on the top right corner to see the monster come to life.

Again, like in Bug Builder, this would be the first time you get to see what facial properties the monster has. If you don’t like what you see, you can always pull out each eye, horn, or mouth and something new will take its place.

Once you’re happy with your monster, you can start feeding it with various food and non-food items floating in the slime. The monster is not picky; it will eat anything that you give it. You can even tease your monster by hovering the food around its face instead of feeding it directly.

Once you finish feeding your monster, you will be asked to brush its teeth. Make sure you brush until they’re white and clean. Then, you can dress up your monster by putting on hats, tiny horns, stickers, and other kinds of accessories.

You can also take a picture of your monster by tapping on the camera icon on the top center of the screen. Immediately afterwards, the monster will take a deep dive into the slime, and you can pull up to play with a different monster.

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Parents Need to Know

Sago Mini Monsters is a fun creativity app for juniors ages 2+. Compared to Bug Builder, it is a bit more than just a coloring app. It’s more akin to a simplified version of Toca Tailor, where you can put on various accessories on your monster.

Unlike Bug Builder, this app doesn’t have an in-app gallery. Thus, all the monsters that you have created (and taken snapshots of) will be stored in your Camera Roll instead. So, make sure to save a snapshot of your favorite monsters in the Camera Roll before playing with the next monster.

Take a snapshot of your favorite monsters and store it in your Camera Roll.

Playing Tips

After playing with the app for a bit, here are some playing tips that might be useful for you and your juniors:

  • Try to put the neck area of the monster to a good use. I like to draw a shirt on my monster, which will look good with bow ties.
  • You can separate the face from the surrounding hair. Some monsters have unique hair patterns on the sides, perfect for a bordering color pattern to distinguish the hair from the face.
  • Remember that you can also experiment with stripes and polka dots on the face. After all, it’s a monster you’re creating.
The monsters will eat anything that you feed them.


Sago Mini Monsters is a fun addition to the Sago Mini series of apps which are designed for juniors ages 2+. If you have played with Sago Mini Bug Builder before, this is a great sequel with more personality and interactivity.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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