Is Apatosaurus Okay? Takes Kids Back to the Jurassic Age

I’m pretty sure most, if not all, kids go through a “dinosaur phase” at some point. Maybe it’s because dinosaurs aren’t like any other animal on Earth today, but whatever the reason, many kids (and adults) sure find dinosaurs fascinating.

If your kids are excited over all things dinosaurs, then today’s app pick might interest you: Is Apatosaurus Okay?, a jurassic-themed interactive book from developers Oceanhouse Media.

Is Apatosaurus Okay? is an interactive storybook that takes kids back to the jurassic age

Going Back in Time

Is Apatosaurus Okay? is a book written by Ben Nussbaum, about a lone Apatosaurus on a journey towards her nest. Her irregularly slow movements catch the attention of a pack of Ceratosaurus, and soon they pounce on her. Can she defend herself against her attackers and reach her nest safely?

Aimed at kids ages 3–8, Is Apatosaurus Okay? is an educational story filled with fascinating facts about the jurassic era. The title has been carefully reviewed by paleontologists at the Smithsonian Institution and officially licensed.

The app comes with three reading modes: Read to Me, Read It Myself, and Auto Play. Both Read to Me and Auto Play feature professional narration and word highlighting, but the difference between the two is that Auto Play automatically turns the pages once the text has been read.

As kids read the story, they can learn new vocabularies by tapping on the individual words and pictures. At the end of the book, they can also read more on the Apatosaurus, including when it lived and how big it could grow.

Kids can tap on individual words and pictures to learn new vocabularies

Parents Need to Know

Is Apatosaurus Okay? has excellent reading options. Besides three reading modes, the app also allows parents (or kids themselves) to record their own narration for a personalized experience. Simply tap on the small arrow on the bottom left on each page to bring up the settings panel, and tap on Voice. The recorded narration can then be shared via email with family or friends who also own the app. Additionally, it is also possible to turn on/off the narration, sound effects, and word highlighting from the Settings panel.

In terms of security, the app does not contain in-app purchases or ads. There are external links to the developer’s other apps, but they are protected by gesture-based lock.

Beautiful illustrations and atmospheric sound effects make for a rich reading experience

Things I Like

Is Apatosaurus Okay? is a great reading material filled with interesting information about the jurassic age, and specifically the Apatosaurus. Overall, the app is well made, with lovely, earth-toned illustrations and atmospheric sound effects that enhance the reading experience.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the app has excellent reading options that cater to various reading skills. Word highlighting is always a useful feature, but I like that you can choose to toggle it on or off. The narration is wonderful—professional and clear, albeit a little slow. On the other hand, the slow pacing makes it easier for emerging readers and/or ESL kids to follow the story.

A section at the end of the book provides more information on the Apatosaurus


Is Apatosaurus Okay? is a solid interactive storybook that introduces kids to dinosaurs--specifically, the Apatosaurus. Aimed at kids ages 3–8, the app comes with professional narration, word highlighting, and tappable pictures for learning new vocabularies. For the curious kids, a short section at the end of the book discusses about the Apatosaurus in more details. Finally, atmospheric sound effects complement the beautiful illustrations and create a rich reading experience.
5 Camila Amanda Apr 16, 2014
Is Apatosaurus Okay? is available for iPhone/iPad.
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