Word Teller for Kids Lets You Learn the Sounds and Rhymes of the English Language

Earlier this year, I wrote about how my four-year-old needed help identifying words that belong to the same rhyming family group, such as cat/hat/bat and car/star/jar. I also wrote how difficult it was to find great apps that focus on word rhymes.

Therefore, I am grateful to find Word Teller for Kids. Developed by Fernando Pires (who brought us TapTapToink), this brand new app focuses on helping juniors learn the sounds and rhymes of the English language.

Word Teller has 32 groups of English words with similar sounds and/or rhymes.

Learn 44 Sounds of the English Language

When you start the app for the first time, you will see a simple word building activity. You are required to build a word that represents the image on the center of the screen, using the letters that scroll from right to left. To help you figure out what the image is, you can tap to hear its name or you can match the colors of the letters to their placeholders.

Once you have completed the word, two other words will appear on screen. They belong to the same rhyme family as the word you’re building. For example, “pool” and “school” will appear as soon as you complete building “tool”.

Then, you can move to the next rhyme family by tapping on the navigational button. There are 32 pages available, one for each rhyme family. Within each page, you need to build the first word before unlocking the other two words in the family.

You can also tap on the list button to see the list of all the words used in the app. The words are organized into sound/rhyme groups for easy access. It’s an easy way to skip the sequential order and jump straight to any group.

Match the letters using the color cues to build the word associated with the illustration.

Parents Need to Know

Word Teller for Kids includes words that can help juniors learn about consonants, digraphs, short vowels, long vowels, and r-controlled vowels. The app even includes two different groups of words to help juniors differentiate voiced “th” (mother/father/brother) from unvoiced “th” (bath/math/path).

There is one group where juniors can learn about trigraphs, such as “spr” in spring, and “str” in string. They can even learn about uncommon blends such as “nk” in ink/drink/link, and uncommon digraph sounds such as /zh/ in vision/division/television.

Word Teller has a total of 96 words covering up to 44 different English sounds and rhymes.

Things I Like

Word Teller for Kids is perfect for my four-year-old who is learning about rhyming families in the English language. Because the words included in this app are relatively simple, my two-year-old can also play with the word building game.

Because I am not a native English speaker, the app helps me to learn about various aspects of the English language. If you have favorite sites and/or apps that can help me and my kids learn more about this topic, let me know via Twitter.

Word Teller also features simple but nice illustrations - friendly for young juniors.


Word Teller for Kids is a great phonics app for juniors ages 4+ to learn about the English language in details. It helps juniors learn how to correctly pronounce and build words, and to identify which ones belong to the same sound/rhyme family.

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App was provided for our honest review.

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