Ash & Ollie Lets You Discuss Screen Time Policy with Your Kids

There have been many discussions among parents and educators over how much screen time is appropriate for children. The range varies from zero to unlimited. While parents may have already defined their policies, they rarely involve their kids in the process.

The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime is a unique storybook app that examines this issue from children’s perspectives. It tells the story of two brothers, Ash and Ollie, who clamor for screen time from the moment they’re awake.

The storyline shows a good example where the family policy for screen time is written in sign language and hung on the wall.

30 Minutes of Screen Time

Ash and Ollie are two juniors who love to play with their digital devices. They love to play games on their tablets, watch TV shows, and browse the internet. In fact, the tablet is the first thing they request each morning.

Their parents have rules set up for using the tablet: only on the weekends, and just for half an hour. Ash and Ollie must also finish their homework and do their chores before they can get their alloted screen time. Using the tablet during car rides is permitted, as long as it’s a long drive and they’re buckled up.

Ash and Ollie’s parents want them to grow into healthy kids. They need to understand the importance of physical activities. That’s why their parents always set up play dates on the weekends where Ash and Ollie would run, play, and laugh with their friends.

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Parents Need to Know

The storyline highlights that digital screens have now become a permanent and integral part of our lives. Kids are exposed to digital devices earlier than ever before. The app tells the story from Ash & Ollie’s perspectives to help juniors acknowledge this issue.

The constant negotiation over how much screen time is appropriate for our kids is one of the phenomenons of modern parenting. This story helps our kids reflect on their choices and behaviors. Then, it’s our job as parents to discuss with them how our policies at home should be set.

Many kids nowadays are clamoring access to their digital screens from the moment they're awake.

Things I Like

Ash and Ollie’s experiences are relatable to my family. I have two sons, and we’re constantly negotiating about how much screen time is appropriate for them. The app helps my kids learn how other families set up their policies, and how we are fair (and a bit lenient) with our current policies.

I also like how the app encourages kids to play outside with their friends. It even teaches kids the proper definition of the term: "social network". I hope my kids would learn the true meaning of that term before they’re exposed to Facebook, Twitter, or other upcoming virtual social networks for their generation.

Ash & Ollie show a good example of the real social network by having a play date with their friends.


If you are having issues determining screen time policies for your kids, you should read with them The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime. It will help your kids reflect on their behaviors and choices when it comes to using tablets, TV, internet, and gaming handhelds. I really appreciate it when developers tackle parenting issues by creating stories that juniors can easily relate to. 4 Eric Pramono Apr 11, 2014

The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime is available for iPhone/iPad.

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