My Friend Barlow is an Adorable Storybook for Toddlers

It has been said that dogs are amongst the most of intelligent of species, what with their ability to learn quickly and solve problems. But I bet you have never known a dog as smart as the titular character in the interactive book My Friend Barlow.

Finch wants kids to know that her friend Barlow is a dog of many talents

A Dog of Many Tricks

The book opens with an adorable little bird named Finch, who can’t say enough great things about her friend Barlow. You see, he is a smart dog who knows all sorts of tricks: speak, sit, lay down, roll over.

But that is not all. Barlow also knows how to read a book, finish a puzzle, ride a scooter, play piano, make his own dinner, and put on pajamas. He is not your average dog.

As Finch narrates all the things that Barlow can do, kids can join in by tapping to make him do tricks. Some pages also encourage further interaction by allowing kids to paint on Barlow’s easel, play tunes on a toy piano, and pop bath bubbles. These special pages are marked with a paw print on the top part of the screen.

To navigate the app, kids simply tap on the left and right arrows. They can also jump to a specific page by tapping on the button on the bottom to bring up the navigator.

From rolling over to solving puzzles, Barlow knows how to do them all

Parents Need to Know

My Friend Barlow is a simple story suitable for kids ages 2+. The app comes with two reading modes: Read to Me or Read by Myself. The Read to Me mode comes with an adorable narration, as well as word highlighting.

Being an app targeted at toddlers and preschoolers, the app has no ads, in-app purchases, or external links.

The app includes additional activities, such as painting and playing piano

Things I Like

My Friend Barlow is adorable. The illustrations and animations are cute. But what makes the app really special is Olivia Tennet’s endearing narration which, when coupled with the cartoony sound effects, provides for an engaging reading experience.

I like how the story is kept simple for early readers. Parents can use the story to teach kids about everyday action words, such as jumping, painting, gardening, and so on. Finally, as the story culminates in a series of bedtime routines, it also makes a great bedtime story.

This simple and sweet book also makes a great bedtime story


My Friend Barlow is a simple and sweet story about a clever dog who does all sorts of tricks. Throughout the book, kids can join in on the action by tapping to make Barlow sit, jump, read, plant, and so on. This wonderful book is fully illustrated. It comes with spot-on sound effects for added comical effects, as well as an endearing narration. Highly recommended for ages 2–5.

My Friend Barlow is available for iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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