Paper Ocean Lets Kids Fold Origami Fishes

Originating from Japan, origami is a form of art now known around the world. Many people get into origami for entertainment purposes, but did you know that there are other benefits as well? In kids especially, origami is useful for sharpening problem solving skills, learning to follow directions, and improving motor skills.

If you are interested in getting your kids to learn origami, then my app pick for today might be helpful. It’s called Paper Ocean, a creative playground where kids can (virtually) fold paper aquatic animals and play with them.

Paper Ocean lets kids fold and play with paper aquatic creatures

It’s Only Paper Ocean

Paper Ocean provides kids with an empty ocean which they fill up with paper creatures. There are 20 creature designs available, which kids unlock five at a time.

As I’ve mentioned, the app lets kids build their selected design virtually. There are no text instructions, but the markers are clear where kids must make a crease or fold. All kids have to do is simply trace the dotted lines, or drag to meet two points.

Once a design is completed, kids have the option to change its colors and decorate it with tiny hats and moustache. The paper creature then hops into the ocean to wander. Kids can feed the creature by tapping on the food button on the top right, or interact with it by tapping on it.

As kids fold more creatures, they earn pearls to spend on decorative stickers for their ocean, as well as six mini games. These games are quick and simple; for example, one game requires kids to find a number of pearls hidden inside the wreckage of ship, while another takes kids on a paper boat race. Playing the games will help kids earn more pearls.

The app lets kids fold the model step-by-step by tracing dotted lines

Parents Need to Know

Paper Ocean is an intuitive and child-friendly app. When kids open the app for the first time, a tutorial will guide them through the core gameplay. Visual hints are also scattered throughout the app to assist kids as they play along. Judging by the app’s intuitive user interface and contents, I would recommend Paper Ocean for kids ages 4+.

Parents can rest easy knowing that the app is safe for kids. It doesn’t contain in-app purchases and ads. There are external links to the developer’s other apps, but they are protected by mathematical security questions.

Paper Ocean is available in a number of languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, and Swedish.

Kids can color their paper creatures and decorate them with hats and moustaches

Things I Like

Paper Ocean is a fun and creative game for kids. Between 20 origami designs, tens of interactive stickers, and 6 mini games to explore, there are plenty of incentives to keep kids playing for hours. I like that the step-by-step instructions for folding each design are clear, so kids can actually make them with some help from the parents.

The origami designs in themselves are pretty neat, and were created by origami expert Fumiaki Shingu. There is a wide range of designs available, including a variety of fish (goldfish, sun fish, angel fish), mammals (humpback whale, seal), birds (seagull, penguin), and other things (crab, turtle, steamboat).

Once kids get tired of folding, they can entertain themselves with a variety of interactive stickers and mini games. I find it clever that some stickers/mini games can only be unlocked if you have enough pearls and have folded a certain design. This means that kids will want to unlock new designs eventually, and keeps them coming back.

Finally, I find the overall look and feel of the game very polished. The graphics are colorful and the animations smooth. There is also a load of sound effects which further add to the oceanic atmosphere.

Earn pearls to unlock stickers and mini games


Paper Ocean is a very neat, very fun app that lets kids virtually fold and play with a menagerie of paper aquatic animals. Twenty designs are available, each of which with clear step-by-step instructions. Additionally, kids can also decorate their ocean with interactive stickers, and play with six mini games. Recommended for kids ages 4+.

If you like the app, you might want to check out Mr. Shingu’s Paper Zoo and Mr. Shingu’s Paper Halloween, also by the same developers. These apps are similar to Paper Ocean, only with different sets of origami designs.

Paper Ocean is available for iPhone/iPad
Get it on the App Store: iPhone | iPad

App was provided for our honest review.

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