Wungi Knights Takes Kids on a Medieval Adventure

It’s no secret that kids are imaginative creatures. Their world is a wild place where heroes and monsters thrive, and where they can be anything they want. A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing, and I believe that we should encourage it.

Today, I want to shine the spotlight on a unique app that tries to extend the world of play that kids live in: wungi Knights, by indie game developer wungi. Aimed at kids ages 3–6, it’s an adventure game that, as you might guess, revolves around knightly activities.

Kids can ride dragons and build castles in Wungi Knights

A Knight’s Tale

In Wungi Knights, kids control a brave little knight and help a princess rebuild her stolen castle. In order to do so, they must collect a number of blocks that are scattered throughout the kingdom. These blocks contain the items necessary for constructing a castle from scratch.

There are three ways to explore the kingdom: on foot, by flying on the back of a dragon, or by riding a horse. The controls vary slightly for each transportation method. On foot, kids move the knight by tapping and holding on a spot, whereas on the dragon they must also maintain altitude by tapping in succession. On the horse, kids do not control where the horse goes, only how fast it gallops by tapping in succession.

But no matter which transportation method kids choose, the blocks can be found pretty much everywhere: in the fields, floating in mid-air, and even on the top of a mountain. Some are also earned by playing mini medieval-themed mini games, such as washing horses, shooting targets, and helping a witch brew a magic potion.

For every box collected, kids will receive an item for building the castle, for example, walls, towers, guard posts, and gates. Kids can move these parts around on the castle grounds to create a design to their liking. Once the castle is completed, the game is restarted and kids may start exploring again.

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Parents Need to Know

Wungi Knights was co-designed and tested with kids ages 3–6. The app is text-free, relying instead on visual cues. As such, reading skills are not required to enjoy the game. But, as kids play, they can develop hand-eye coordination, recognize shapes and colors, practice sorting, and learn to solve simple puzzles.

Parents will be glad to know that wungi Knights is child-friendly. Despite an evil wizard and a fire-breathing dragon, the app is not violent. There are some instances of using weapons such as swords and bows, but they are appropriate in the context of the app.

The app does not contain ads, social media, and in-app purchases. There is a link to the developer’s other apps on the home screen, but it is protected.

Kids also get to design a castle for the princess

Things I Like

What I like best about Wungi Knights is its open-ended gameplay. Just like a classic adventure game, the app allows players to explore at their own pace. The kingdom is large enough, so if you like exploring you will find that there are plenty of things to see. On the other hand, if you are eager to complete the castle as soon as possible, the blocks are easy to collect.

The app is also simple enough for younger kids to play on their own. I like that you can control the knight in more than one ways. Granted, some improvements could be made to make maneuvering the dragon a bit easier, but overall the learning curve isn’t too steep.

I also enjoy the mini games. Easy and quick, these games add some variety to the gameplay. It doesn’t hurt that they have some educational values as well.

Eight mini games are also included in the app for variety


Wungi Knights is a nice medieval-themed adventure game with a sprinkling of educational mini games. Because it is open-ended, it has a high replay value and is suitable for young kids. It also looks good with lots of 3D animation, visual effects, and an original soundtrack. Overall, it’s a fun app to incite a child’s imagination and sense of wonder.

wungi Knights is available for iPhone/iPad
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App was provided for our honest review.

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