Play and Learn Basic Musical Concepts in Music Superheroes

What is your favourite musical app for your juniors? We have collected our favourite musical apps for kids on our Pinterest board. Please make sure you check them out.

Even though these apps are great for having fun, only a few of them actually teach about musical concepts. That's why I'm glad to have found Music Superheroes, which uses five mini games to introduce kids to basic musical concepts such as tempo, rhythm, notes, and instruments.

Learn about tempo in Music Superheroes

Learn about tempo in Music Superheroes

Learn the Concepts and Practice Your Skills

Music Superheroes has a total of five mini games. The first one is a game about tempo, where kids are asked to find how many beats per minute are produced by the metronome. As the metronome ticks faster, kids also learn about various tempo markings that go from slowest to fastest: Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro, and Presto.

The second game is a musical rhythm game similar to Dance Dance Revolution, Donkey Konga, and Guitar Hero, but simplified. Whereas most serious rhythm games use four columns, the Music Superhero version only uses two.

The third and the fourth games (called Notes and Play, respectively) help kids learn about musical symbols by playing a keyboard. In Notes, take their time to execute the notes on a tablature. Play builds on the same mechanic, only now the tablature moves according to the correct tempo. Both games use popular nursery rhymes such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, London Bridge, and Symphony No. 9.

In the fifth game, kids are asked to guess which instrument produce a certain sound. Up to six options are shown, from which kids must make their choice. At the beginning of the game, these options are composed of instruments from different families (for example, strings, percussions, and brass). However, later on several instruments from a single family are shown, making it more difficult to choose the correct answer.

Parents Need to Know

Juniors ages 4+ should already be able to enjoy playing Music Superheroes on their own. Kids can learn about various musical instruments by playing the guessing game. Parents with little drummers in the house (like my four-year-old Philip) would appreciate the tempo and rhythm lessons.

As kids play, they can collect stars as achievements. These stars will unlock musical instruments to use in the music production studio. Here, they can record up to four different voice tracks to create unique sounds. To access the studio, simply tap the center icon on the home screen.

Guess which musical instruments make the sound you hear.

Guess which musical instruments make the sound you hear.

Things I Like

I like how the developers use the earlier parts of each game as an in-game tutorials. Simple visual cues help new players to get in the game sooner, without having to spend time to play any dedicated tutorial. The difficulty levels are also nicely designed to fit most players' learning curve.

My favourite mini game is the tempo game, as both Philip and I love to play drums. Now, we have a way to practice steadying our tempo with the in-game metronome. Hopefully, more developers would be interested to develop more complex musical apps for juniors ages 5+.

Learn the musical notes and play the song according to the tempo.

Learn the musical notes and play the song according to the tempo.


Music Superheroes is a great musical app for juniors ages 4+ to learn about basic musical concepts. The mini games make it easier (and more fun) for juniors to understand the concept of tempo, rhythm, and notes. The guessing game and music production studio also provide a rewarding experience, and keep juniors coming back to the app.

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